IGN: GC 2009: Incoming! Sony Conference Live Blog

With Leipzig's Games Convention a thing of the past, Cologne's Gamescom 2009 has taken the center stage here in Europe, to bask gamers across the globe in a sea of beautiful digital goodness. IGN are in Germany to report on the show and one of the big events that PlayStation enthusiasts can look forward to is Sony's press conference.

Scheduled to start at 6:30 PM here in Germany today -- which is 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time -- Sony's show should pack some seriously exciting news, if the rumors are anything to go by.

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MajestieBeast3768d ago

Sadly no live stream i hope atleast some footage on home or on psn store.

LiL T3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I wonder if they will have gamescon coverage. I just want GT5 news, I already have a ps3 so slim/pricedrope does not affect me.

edit: @ Milky Joe, cool thanks. we might know everything by then but it would be nice to see some video.

Milky Joe3768d ago

The whole thing will be up on Home, but it won't be live. I think they said 2 hours later, or something.

Hellsvacancy3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

U sure? i remember waitin in Home 4 hours once waitin 4 the E3 coverage - i think i fell asleep in the end (smoked my e3 coverage suply b4 i watched any of it - DOH)

LiL T3768d ago

haha I did the same thing. Fell asleep when I got alittle too stoned.

Bob Loblaw3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Didn't Sony say that they just started making a profit off of PS3s last year? It seems like they'd want to take in the profit from the current PS3 for awhile before spending a bunch of money developing a PS3 "slim".

Sure their have been a bunch of rumors from "reliable sources" that a PS3 Slim is coming but don't forget that non-existent $100 price drop those "reliable sources" have been promising every month since February...

I haven't gone to bed yet (I'm basically nocturnal) but hopefully the "Slim" rumors will be either confirmed or denied by the time I wake up. If I wake up and find out that the Slim is real, I'll come back and laugh at my post like a Peckerwood Jackass.

JL3768d ago

@Bob, I'm nocturnal too, so I haven't been to bed either. I'm debating now if I should just wait til after (not like I have to work today) or go to bed now to sleep through the anticipation and have it all available to me when I get up. Just 3 hours to go.

As for the slim thing. I'm in agreement about all those "reliable sources" and those ad scans. However something was just posted earlier about Kmart's official site having it on there saying "The rumors are real" or something to that effect and already taking preorders for the slim. To me that seems pretty legit. I'd doubt Kmart would jump on it without being 100% positive on it and it being confirmed to them. They also have a release date for it as well. So I'm figuring yes on the Slim in a few hours.

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Robearboy3768d ago

Genuine question - Is this event as big and as important as E3? I am just wondering if there is any media coverage on this like E3? i.e live stream

madmonkey03768d ago

i think if you scheck back here later someone will have posted a live stream, with all the anticipation of a ps3 slim and gt5 there will be someone with a camera there

mrv3213768d ago

The problem with that is most of the time it's people with camera phone who take video... and not a viewty or anything like a 4 year old camera phone which has been havily compressed.

I will just read the blog thing it'll be better than refreshing N4Rumours.

PirateThom3768d ago

It's being recorded, probably for the PS Store, but I doubt it will be shown live.

As for being as big as E3, probably not yet, but Leipzeig was always touted as "Europe's E3" and there was good announcements at it. Maybe some day it will be live broadcast.

JL3768d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure the video will be coming to the PSN Store.

And I doubt it's as big as E3, though it probably got up near there real quick as far as importance goes. This IS the premiere show in EU now that it has dethroned Leipzig. So just think of this as Europe's big show, just like E3 is America's big show and TGS is Japan's big show.

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Winter47th3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

As long as we're talking about live streaming, don't forget about these later:

For the rest of the show, this'll do for now:

mrv3213768d ago

So how long to wait now?

I am just going to leave the page up, I would like a live stream but that's only at E3 strangely.

Karum3768d ago

It is now 12:40 GMT, the press conference begins at 17:00 GMT

wiggles3768d ago

It should start around 1:30 EST

JL3768d ago

It starts at 12:30 here on the east coast, not 1:30.

The Meerkat3768d ago

17:30 GMT

Why so late?
What wrong with a nice 12pm conference?

mrv3213768d ago

People have jobs, well some people... ok 1 or 2 people left in Britain might still have jobs those people are the PM and the guy in charge of firing people but he recently got a notice informing himself of a lack of work.

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The story is too old to be commented.