IncGamers' BlizzCon: What To Expect

The staff writers at IncGamers have got together to discuss how they feel this years' BlizzCon is going to go and what to expect.

"World of Warcraft fans have every reason to look forward to this year's BlizzCon event. Last year, despite many WoW tournaments and activities such as the dance and costume competitions and a playable version of Wrath of the Lich King, there was a lack of any substantial announcement."

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Leord3766d ago

Pretty cool about

thetamer3766d ago

I'm not sure the battlenet thing is going to work

AndyA3766d ago

They really need to announce the new MMO.

Montrealien3766d ago

really? I think just another wow expantion and more Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 info is all they need to make their millions of fans happy.

AndyA3765d ago

It would be a real showstopper though.

Chazmers3766d ago

I reckon there will be something big announced, probably a new MMO IP or something.

thetamer3766d ago

I'm more interested in Diablo, and whether or not they're going to announce a Diablo MMO

Montrealien3766d ago

forget about the diablo mmo, wont happen. How do I know, I can feel it in my gut, lol

And if you really want to know what a Diablo mmo would look like, play wow ;P