God of War III Fan-Made Wallpaper

"I have for you one more amazing God of War III fan-made wallpaper, from the same source as before this time featuring the Hades render. With God of War III featuring at Gamescom, this has come at the right time."

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FamilyGuy3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

That's nice and all but hardly "news worthy"
I could find 100+ awesome looking, fan made, GOW 3 wallpapers in like no time. Why is this one special?

BTW, there's really bad pixelation/blotches above the smaller/far back soldier. Just look at the red (lava). It would need fixing before becoming my wall paper

Herbert tholdpervert3770d ago

Why are [email protected] approving sh!t? every piece of sh!t that approve carp from this turd blog should be [email protected] ip banned.

joemayo763770d ago

i was expecting some nice fan artwork good job to the creator anyways

Donga3770d ago

I like the fire effects

jkhan3770d ago

No No No Just No, You can't have kratos head cut off. That is simply wrong, it should be Kratos carrying around a bunch of heads.

bmatthews3770d ago

It's all part of the drama and suspense

lyvon3770d ago

Yeah, Kratos should always be the one with heads in his hands.

CestusGOWIII3770d ago

But I don't like the ending of that fight....

PS360DS3770d ago

good quality wallpaper

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The story is too old to be commented.