Canadian Deal, $38.00 for Xbox 360 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ve3tro writes: "What is this news? Earlier I was browsing the blades on the Xbox 360 dashboard when I noticed a Wal-Mart ad.

What does this AD read? Well it stated that Batman Arkham Asylum will cost a mere $38.00 CDN. For such an anticipated title, Wal-Mart sure is playing its cards right."


This price is also confirmed for the PS3 version.

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Mr_Bun3769d ago

I was thinking about renting this game, but I might have to buy it for that price!

Yast3r3769d ago

I was on the fence as well, but I certainly can't avoid a 40 dollar price point. Even if the game is sub-par, publishers may take notice of the massive sales increase due to the game being cheaper and adopt a similar model for their future releases.

SIX3768d ago

Just went to the site and noticed that they do have it for $38 for both systems :)