Lionhead's sixth and final GamesCom teaser goes to Joan of Arc

VG247: Lionhead's released the sixth and final teaser from it's website to an impending announcement.

Today, you have Joan of Arc to keep you comapny.

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NewZealander3768d ago

perfect dark 2 just a guess, as he is the frontman for lionhead and rare now is he not?

-MD-3768d ago

PD2 would be a Rare game this is something directly from Lionhead. Yeah Peter is working with Rare now but this isn't Rare related.

green3768d ago

Only a day left to find out.

Superfragilistic3768d ago

See The Future's end was all about what type of leader you would become... the countdown fits nicely with that theme.

AAACE53767d ago

Not necessarily! Fable games have always been about what type of person you will become! Don't you remember the ad from the first game...

"Who you are, is not always, who you will become!" - Fable

So that doesn't tie it to the Fable games. Besides, Peter Molyneux has been hinting at doing something different besides Fable.

Superfragilistic3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I would like it to be something else too.

But when you talk about the ads they were for the retail release of Fable 2. The DLC "See the Future" specifically asked "what leader will you become?" and Lionhead indicated that the interactive cut scene was very much a hint at Fable's future, which at the time I interpreted as involving some form of strategy/mangement being intergrated into the franchise along the lines of Populus where the Hero of Albion becomes the defender/leader of Albion against rival kingdoms.

Happy to be wrong about this countdown tying in with that, but would love to see the above happen within the Fable universe. :)


Superfragilistic3767d ago

Thank you thank you very much... :D

And nobody agreed. tut tut lol

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Xi3767d ago

something like age of empires mixed with black and white.

Superfragilistic3767d ago

I don't think this is it. But damn awesome idea. Bubbles. :)

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