Devil May Cry 4 Coming To PSP?

A chinese site, PSP Duowan, shows three screenshots of the possible port of Devil May Cry 4 to PSP. Is it really coming?

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Ri0tSquad4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I have been waiting for a DMC game for PSP since 2004 when they *claimed* it was in development.

FamilyGuy4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I could make a video of it "running" on the PSP in under 20 mins

What would REALLY be interesting is if the PS3 and PSP got a firmware update that allowed the psp to remote play ANY PS3 game. THAT would be awesome. And if the feature was only available through the PspGo! that would be a system seller.

A man can dream right?

MiloGarret4318d ago

You've got 20 min... GO!

Blacktric4318d ago

If you ask me they really really look like PC version with lowest graphics/resolution settings.

MiloGarret4318d ago

That's what I think, yes.

saimcheeda4318d ago

although its late, most of us probably remember the whole game, but DMC 4 everyhwere, sounds good!

Dawn_Of_Ashes4318d ago

capcom once confirmed that it was cancelled

DevilDante4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Yeah, Devil May Cry PSP.
CAPCOM has never talked about Devil May Cry 4 on PSP.

uHuRu4318d ago

I hope it is more like DMC1 or DMC1 port sort of, I did not like DMC4.

wiggles4318d ago

Yeah I kinda agree that DMC4 wasn't the best in the series....I didn't like it because it cut out Dante's swagger...I mean seriously, who could forget Dante taunting the giant spider in DMC. I was like dude WTF are you doing..that spider is huge...and that was when I realized Dante is a 100% bad ass.

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