250° "New Low Price, New Exciting PlayStation 3"

Kotaku says: "Retailer Kmart's online presence ran an advertisement online earlier today, promoting a "new low price and a new exciting Playstation 3," a promotional image that now seems to have been pulled, but is still accessible online.

The banner even goes far enough to touch on the rumors of an impending PlayStation 3 price drop and PS3 Slim redesign, but offers nothing more visually than the stock hardware photos available elsewhere on That would even mention rumors of a hardware redesign seems unusual. Perhaps someone on the Kmart web team has been following the months-long roller coaster ride of the impending PS3 Slimpocalypse and wants to be ready for an official announcement.

The banner image, while arguably suspicious with its use of "Playstation" instead of "PlayStation" and the fact that it lacks a proper shot of any hardware revision. But is definitely hosting it, with a date of "081809" for use on the retailer's home page."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3771d ago

I've run out of stuff to say on these "leaked ps3 slim/price cut info" articles. So I'll just sit and watch the redundant comments.

Well........... carry on.

DERKADER3771d ago

If your this excited about the slim announcement chances are you already have a PS3 and this doesn't effect you at all.

Syronicus3771d ago

It's getting old already. So many folks are so desperate to be the first to "report" on the new PS3 slim that they go as far as to create fake ads on the web and in print. Oh, the shaky cam and fuzzy camera phone shots are the worst. Sorry, but can't we all just wait for the official news and let Sony have their thunder for a day at the next conference?

morganfell3771d ago

I already have a PS3 - 2 in fact and I am excited. Looking forward to my 3rd PS3.

Microsoft Xbox 3603771d ago

I have 3 PS3's and I'm still looking forward for the Slim. I may have to sell my launch 60GB since I don't use the PS2 BC feature anymore.

WhittO3771d ago

Lol what is the point in owning 3 ps3s?

Microsoft Xbox 3603771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I have two in my home (living room,bedroom) and one at my second house in Vegas. What do you not get?

Trollimite3771d ago

this is kmart! they are like the worst retailer allowed to sell. for all we know their site could have been hacked!!!

all im saying is dont trust k mart!

CrayzeeCarl3771d ago


Why is it so hard to fathom that people who already own a PS3 would be excited about a slim. Use your imagination, people.

1. Slim PS3 + price drop = increased hardware sales.
2. Increased hardware sales = more players online, including IRL friends.
3. Increased hardware sales also = more software sales.
4. More software sales = continued developer support and more games.
5. More games = more fun.

kapedkrusader3771d ago says it will cost $299.

Blaze9293771d ago

You know, a part of me actually thinks this is fake and Kmart is just BSing everyone. What retailer goes as far to advertise, "the rumors are reality"?...what "rumors" and why would a retailer think a vast majority of consumers know about them.

Now maybe this is Sony's marketing and their headliner for the PS3-whatever, then in that case I guess Kmart just let the cat out of the bag....but I find it funny that its only Kmart (and sears who are partners).

What i think is Kmart, who's profits have been declining and are facing hardships just like everyone, KNOWS about these "rumors" which is why a retailer would even bring rumors up. With that I bet they banked on the price being $299, the release date, the slim ALL from the rumros that are spreading around JUST to be the first online retailer to offer pre-orders for the device and bank all the costumers before everyone else. I mean, they dont even have a damn PICTURE. If they have information on all this, surely Sony wouldve sent stock pictures as well don't you think?

Now i'll laugh my ass off at Kmart is nothing related gets announced today at the conference.

CrayzeeCarl3771d ago

I don't think long-standing corporations like Sears (K-Mart) do things like that. That would severely damage their reputation and just piss people off.

Blaze9293771d ago

Well why would "long-standing corporations" go ahead and reveal something that wasnt ready yet?...and ONLY them?

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nix3771d ago

would be nice... if it's true... i just want to see how much they have shrunk it, size wise.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Oh well only '7' hours to go(i think)until that SONY Show!!! ;-P

I'm not believing anything on this site until i see 'King KAZ' holding the PS3:Slim!!! ;)
(Saying that it should be Ken Kutaragi doing it :-( F-ING internet 'C'!!!) :-/

japwow3771d ago

it's indeed exciting.
I will buy the new one.

DiLeCtioN3771d ago

the same stuff, people will start to yh possibility these rumours are true

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