PS3 firmware 3 announced at GamesCom?

Not even hours before the anticipated Sony conference at GamesCom Germany, even more suspicions peek from the horizon. At the present time, several sources are reporting that the Playstation Network is down, and will be down for the duration of Sony's 2009 press conference at GamesCom. Coincidence? Sure. Enough food to feed conspiracy theorists for years? Most definitely.

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ape0073764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

a completely new psn experince,XMB is without a doubt the easiest and most effective interface ever,it has many things,yet it feels simple,it almost impossible to get lost but tbh it feels quite dull and,boring,it has that lifeless feeling to it especially the IN-GAME XMB,the new xbox experience is full of life and it has sounds,the in-game xmb feels quite dull,there's no sounds,no notification sound

I want sony to take a whole new fresh twist it let alone features like better profiles,X gamechat,parties,invites etc...

and sony should add "home rewards" above your "trophy collection" to see how to get them,better integration in the xmb

sony once all these things done,do one more thing that will make psn absoloutely perfect,ADD A HEADSET IN EACH PS3 UNIT so that the community shine on psn

ogwilson3764d ago

Agreed. the XMB, IMO, is a lot smoother and better organized than Xbox's current set up, but the features are lacking and Sony really needs to stack up quick. Give me in-game/cross-game chatting with more than 1 other person, voice messaging, cross-game invites, and i'll be very happy. Even at a fee.

yess3764d ago

You know you can download themes with sound and other stuff, so dont let Sony waste their time on doing it.

ape0073764d ago

I know that,it's ok but a mask is a mask,I want improvements

Hellsvacancy3764d ago

Thats a shame coz i was gonna put Battlefield 1943 4 an hour - guess not

Fingers crossed 4 BC id go out and buy God Of War 1 and 2 2day if its true

blackpanther253764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

@Hell: i bought GOW I & II about two months ago. Love them.

I think the XMB is good.....if i want a theme i'll just design it on adobe and use a HD background. Oh by the the way i not even a design major lol i have a BSc in Biology (its that easy)

Try the pixel junk eden themes those a very colorful and vivid.

Hellsvacancy3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I really wanna play both of the God Of War games b4 the 3rd cums out - i borrowed them both off a friend once but for sum reason none of them work on my old Ps2-slim - so ive been screwed since :-(

Thats y im hopin 4 Bc or if there was sum sort of special collectors edition of God Of War 3 that includes the 1st 2 games on 1 or 2 bluray discs - bubble 2 ya :-)


mrv3213764d ago

What's more important for you. Finding content quickly and easily or sneaky through sub menu after sub menu. It may be 'lifeless' but it's super easy and you can find allmost anything you want in 5 seconds.

PLUS they are making XMB more universal Sony TV, Phone, Camera's will statrt using it then it'll be even easier to use across the board.

Rifle-Man3764d ago

I just went out and bought God of War 1 and 2 yesterday afternoon!

Bring on the BC, Sony!

joemayo763764d ago

but i think it should be taken a step further, specifically for ingame acess. instead of using the whole XMB that is supposedly using up alot more resources then the 360s, i think sony should eliminate like 3/4 of the options that aren't usable anyways, and implement a sort of mini xmb similar to that of the 360s mini dash in game.

indysurfn3764d ago

You want Sounds? So your the one guy that leaves his sounds for ads, on the internet. I don't like sounds, in fact I hate unrequested sounds, and would be pissed if Microsoft started making sounds. Sounds like a notice that a friend is online or a download is complete while i'm playing a game with it's on music, and it's own speech, and it's own sound effects. BUT, different strokes for different fokes, so they can add a option for the few that think sounds are great. I't has since xbox1 had the ability to play your own music over the games music, they can keep the sounds. It plays music during the videos, and other things to me It is not lifeless, instead, it is not annoying.

Freeze9523764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

What where MS thinking when they released the NXE, It looks less boring then XMB but it's quiet hard to get around the first time you use it, regardless both are good consoles, I'll just stick the ye ol' PC.

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Ninver3764d ago

I'd guess it's for either the ps2 emulator or the EU video store. Either way it's a win win forps3 gamers. The anticipation for Sony's conference is killing me.

Ninjamonkey3764d ago

Please be the video store for the Eu PLEASE!!!

nix3764d ago

tonite is the night! (well.. at least for me the presentation falls during night time)

Typical-Guy3764d ago

I'm not going to hope or wish cause I don't want to be disappointed.