Countdown to PlayStation 3

Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 console has generated, without a doubt, the most talk and the most debate of any of the three next-gen consoles this year. It hasn't always been for good reasons, though. Ever since Sony's E3 press conference last May, there have been some serious questions about the console and some game developers and analysts have openly said they don't think the PS3 will be as successful sales wise as the Xbox 360 and the Wii. In this editorial look at the pros and of PS3, using quotes from Sony PlayStation execs that they have made over the last two months or so following E3. Please be aware that Sony has not yet revealed everything about their new console (including specific particulars for their online game service).

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TheMART6289d ago

Count down or count up? ;)

PS fans, it isn't so weird to question if Sony will make it this time.

They have stated themselves, that final devkits only have been given to developpers about one month ago. That's about 5 months before the official launch.

That indicates that the production process has it's problems. Furthermore producing devkits is a whole other thing then producing consumer products. I read somewhere that they just start producing them.

Expect bad yields on CPU and GPU in mass production. Probably they will launch because otherwise no one would take them serious at all anymore. But still they will launch in very small numbers in shops. Expect it not to be available due to bad shipping of Sony till spring 2007. That's E3 2007 then already again!

Just see how it went with PSP they couldn't sell one although they launched. And there were not so many buyers, still seen by selling numbers compared to the DS.

They have denied the delay from spring to end of this year also a very short time before spring. They're too much into hoping and not on counting

OutLaw6289d ago

Before anybody gets on me about I'm a Xbug or some other stupid remark. I would like to let you know I do want a PS3. But not even EBgames and Gamestop (which I have good friends at) Know if the PS3 is coming out this year. They still haven't gotten any SKU for the PS3 and isn't taking orders yet. Now I know the same could be said for the Wii but the Wii doesn't have all the problems Sony has been facing lately. I hope it isn't delay because I want to see what the PS3 could really do but to me things look grim for Sony this Holiday.

FamoAmo6289d ago

I feel they are going to rush launch.. I am not buying a ps3 anyway but I definately wouldn't buy a launch console... With all the problems Sony has had with the ps3 I can see ton's of problems with the launch and launch systems.. With Nintendo releasing in OCT. Sony is in a tight hole if you ask me. Anyway with the crappy screens I have been seeing lately Sony will be Competing with Nintendo for 2nd this gen..

Jak4ever6289d ago (Edited 6289d ago )

I for one LOVED the ps2 it had the best support forany console EVER, the games were so above anythingMS had that it was silly. Things change though and while i still am hoping to Sell my Xbox 360 sometime in Late 07 to get a Ps3. At a price of $600.00 there is no way im going to gamble on this system. Sony seems to have overstated there success and it really is making me sad to see what i think will be the begining of the end for the Playstation Line of consoles. MS seems to be doing everything right this time, while Sony seems to be taking the route of the over-confident rabbit (from the Tortoise and the Hare from Aesops fables)

Sony is totally ignoring the rules learned from Console history and im afraid that this once GREAT line of consoles is going to end up with the Ps3 Jumpimg the shark for Sony, Sad.

Anerythristic266289d ago

Bet post on these forums in a LOOOONNNGGG time. I don't hate Sony I am simply frustrated that the Sony Fans just refuse to see the Playstation product line is NOT GOING AWAY but is in DECLINE. They can't stay on top forever.

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