The Problem with Porting Games

You don't need to be a 1970s stand-up comedian to know that there's a large lexicon of monosyllabic, four-letter words for describing something you don't like – but only PC gamers use the word "port" with such a fervent degree of repulsion. Common complaints about console ports include meagre graphics options, dodgy third-person camera angles, poorly thought-out controls and sparsely distributed save points.

Making games for multiple platforms can't be easy though. After all, each current gaming platform has radically different processor architecture, as well as completely different controllers and graphics APIs. That's before you've even considered storage, memory and online abilities. Just how do you develop a game for so many different types of hardware, and is it possible to make a great game across three consoles and the PC?

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Shendow3771d ago

Controller? 360 an PS3 have the same number of buttons but only PS3 has Sixaxes, but not alot of 3rd party's use it, Wii is some what a problem but I don't think it is really had, all and all. If the developers put alot of time an work for each system, it should turn out good.

JonnyBadfinger3771d ago

Controller wise all gaming systems should adopt the 360 button layout, better comfort and easier access to buttons. But with the PS3 D-pad simply because its more simple and better for fighting games.

PS3 controllers turn me off the console, have NO idea how people can play a console with such poor button layout. But that being said i dont know how any1 can use a keyboard and mouse to play games.

the problem with multiplats is the PC. because it can be upgraded hardware wise and software wise, PC gamers will always be b*tching about how games arent being catered to their computer specs.

If next gen consoles support hardware and software upgrades (not likely)there would be a possible masssive market of opportunities and cash to be made. And would add YEARS to the consoles life and keep the graphic standard high.

FamilyGuy3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Every game would be best if built from the ground up around it's hardware capabilities. In a perfect gaming world there would be no "ports". Money is the major issue here.

Res5 and Street Fighter 4 were some okay ports so hopefully a trend like that continues were there isn't much room for complaint.

beavis4play3771d ago

i like the dualshock controller. (it fits my hands better) but, i don't think EVERYONE should have to use it. other people prefer the 360 controller and then there are the "motion-control" advocates.

everyone has a preference.

MURKERR3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

fast forward to the ps3 guess what.....SAME layout ive been used to for over 10 years

so each to their own, my own is i prefer the ps controller

Ravage273771d ago

i know many people who finds the 360 controller awkward, everyone has their preferences.

duplissi3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

jonny, i have to disagree with you about the controllers, no one has had a problem with the ps controller (which has only seen minor changes) until the xbox 360 which i find stupid- they are almost the same!(f it was so broken dont you think that ppl would have complained before the 360 was out?) the only differences are the triggers, placement of the left analog stick, top of the analog sticks, and girth (the xbox 360 controller is filled out more) and they are actually nearly the same size(same hight, length, and depth). the real problem is that your used to the shape of the xbox controller and thats it- i can go back and forth with no problems at all because they are so similar.

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Nihilism3771d ago

unbelieveably long article, so i read like 1% of it, but i believe a lack of good middleware as well as hasty publishers forcing devs to cut corners are the main reasons, crytek may well change things.....or maybe not, maybe they'll make it as glitchy as fallout 3 supposedly was on consoles...time will tell, i have quite a few good ports......and quite a few horrible ports, but the good thing about pc....there are always tweaks....and you can always force 16Q through our ever so helpful nvidia control panel

Kakkoii3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Uhh lol. The Xbox doesn't have a different graphics API than PC. It uses DX9, along with an ATI GPU. Porting to and from the 360 & PC is easy. Now the PS3 on the other hand, while it does use a Nvidia GPU, the rest is very different compared to PC's. So in that area it is complicated.

Developers just tend to be lazy when porting to another console or PC. Take Bionic Commando for example. They didn't even bothered to change the 360 button press icons and descriptions to that of a PC users settings. Talk about freaking lazy. Then there's the massive fail of a job Rockstar Toronto did when porting GTA IV to the PC. They have improved it quite a bit with 4 patches now. But at the start it was horrible.

Nihilism3771d ago

did you play last remnant on pc?, i played the demo and there were 360 button icons all through the control options....and no reference...i had to try and guess.......and thank god for that demo too, or i would have bought that broken game...desperation for more rpg's makes me do crazy things

kaz-hirai3771d ago

Ill tell you the problem its the Chatboxes beloved 360 holding back the PS3 with its lower than DVD9 space!!! ;-D !

pixelsword3771d ago

...'cause you have to work out different algorithms and on what part of the Cell to put them. (which can be done with headers and macros)

nice article.

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