Crytek's Cervat Yerli discusses Cryengine 3 and Larrabee.

In an Intel Video, Crytek's Cervat Yerli answers some questions after his GDC '09 keynote. Topics discussed include what's so special about CryEngine 3 and why Larrabee is the next cool thing in graghics performance. Also includes some ingame footage of cryengine 3.
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Polluted3761d ago

How am I supposed to spin this story in such a manner as to make xbots look stupid or fandroids cry? I think I need guidance.

Somebody point me to the latest multi-plat comparison please.

RememberThe3573761d ago

Can't help you. Wait for the Open Zone to heat up a little. They always say the darnedest things. :)

cyborg69713761d ago

Hey pollutd you could go to the open zone and say something like "The 360's power brick could do those graphics better than the ps3" or "The ps3 has already done those graphics just look at flower" Hows that for a start.

Polluted3761d ago

"The 360's power brick could do those graphics better than the ps3"

Ha ha ha. Never heard that one before.

Chris3993761d ago

Bubbles for the lot.

Now I must go. My PS3 commands it; such is the power of TEH CELLZ - it controls human thought.

P.S. Miyamoto is God. And my 360 get's all the good games.


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heylo3761d ago

Like every multi-plat, Crysis 2 will be crippled too because of the 360's storage and hardware limitations (only 3 core CPU)

Pandamobile3761d ago

The PS3 will be crippled because of its hardware limitations too.

Crysis 2 on consoles will look like Crysis on medium PC settings.


Serg3761d ago

Actually the state of developement at GDC 08 was that the CryEngine 2 was running great in "High" settings on the PS3. No need to say that they have done a lot of optimizing with the CryEngine 3, so in terms of looks it will come real close.

Kakkoii3761d ago

The difference between "high" & "very high" in Crysis is immense. If I remember correctly, it's only running DX9 at high and below. But at very high it's on DX10 and looks heaps better.

STONEY43761d ago

Doesn't look like high... it looks mostly medium with shaders and something else I can't seem to remember on on high.

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dreamoner3761d ago

it's not `Cervat`.. `Cevat` Yerli..

Polluted3761d ago

Nope. It's Cervat. I know so because I saw it in the article summary.

Pandamobile3761d ago

Says "Cevat" in the Crysis credits.

Polluted3761d ago

The article summary wouldn't lie to me.

STONEY43761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Crysis wouldn't lie to me... it's the first name that shows up in the Crysis credits. It says Crysis Executive Magangement than it says President/CEO Cevat Yurli.

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TheIneffableBob3761d ago

That was CryENGINE 1 footage, not CE3.

dreamoner3761d ago

It's Cevat because I know, because he & i are turkish & Cevat is a turkish name..