UGO: Shadow Complex Review - Even PS3 Fanboys Love It

UGO writes: "You've already heard a lot about Shadow Complex from our previews, both hands-off and hands-on, but now the final spit shine has been applied. The retail download code was handed off to me last week, and my eager thumbs have since throttled the analog sticks into analog stubs. Writing this review is just yet another barrier between me and the game."

Final Decision: Buy ( As soon as humanly possible.)

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chaosatom3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Maybe they just don't understand the concept of fanboy or they are just trying to get hits by provoking the PS3 fanbase.

I think it's the latter reason.

Regardless we don't get too many side-scrollers that have been modernized except I think Bionic-commando. So I think it's a good market to tackle and have more games like these on both systems.

Nitrowolf23772d ago

this is actually one game i look forward to for 360. it looks fun

poopsack3772d ago

chaosatom, theres also crash commando, although theres no story, its just a fragfest, a good one, but this game looks hot.

Megaton3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

2D game design is a lost art as far as I'm concerned. Just because tech has reached the point where developers can create beautifully detailed 3D environments to play in and explore, doesn't mean that everything should strictly follow that formula. I welcome any game built like Shadow Complex, Crash Commando, and Bionic Commando Rearmed.

FamilyGuy3772d ago

Yeah, "fanboys" are still completely downing this game for glitches that all that reviewers so far have claimed don't spoil the fun enough to be an issue, and "at $15, this game is a steal."

I hope they at least inspire more game companies to create these "budget" titles (arcade/PSN) that are close to retail releases, like Battlefield before it.

MiloGarret3772d ago

And Wipeout HD before that, I'm still amazed I bought that game for 1/5 of the price of "normal" retail games.

JokesOnYou3771d ago

Just review the damm game, the game is great but this "we need hits title" sucks. I remember reading a few headlines like that just before KZ2 launched and thought...."meh whatever". I still brought KZ2 though.


kewlkat0073771d ago

I still have not seen a Castlevania that rivals "Symphony Of The Night."

I will also be getting this game.

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shutupandplay3772d ago

I dunno if they`re lovin it, but I sure am. Their lack of presence in every shadow complex article is refreshing. I LOVE how they all play off these articles and pretend all these 9s and 10s don`t exist. LOL.

timestoby3772d ago

now this is wot ive been wanting in side scrolling games.use the power and tech to make these games look like shadow complex,imagine sonic made like this lol or any other old 2d side scrolling game

topdawg1223772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

As a ps3 FAN! This game is the sh!t, it's awesome. This is what every xbla/psn game should strive to be.

ginsunuva3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

So you're saying that even better games like Warhawk and Wipeout HD should try to be 2-d shooters? I'm not saying it's bad, it's just that no one has beat Warhawk's standard of downloadable games.

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