Gears of War 2 spawns GOTY edition

Play, the British online store, has added a new edition of Gears of War 2 to their catalogue, namely a Game of the Year edition.

For now Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything, but that doesn't preclude the online retailer of launching a product page for this new Game of the Year edition to Xbox's popular shooter.

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Galvanise3762d ago

did Gears of War 2 get that were not from Xbox only publications, out of interest?

LordMarius3762d ago


its false advertisement

Megaton3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I don't think it even got many from 360 publications. Most GOTY awards went to GTAIV and LBP. Aside from those two games, I know IGN gave it to Fallout 3, and G4 went the facepalm route with Fable 2.

TruthSeeker3762d ago

Official Xbox Magazine gave it to Fallout 3 as well.

NaiNaiNai3762d ago


thats all I could dig up, not really say much though.

poopsack3762d ago

its a valid argument, what if every big title went out and released their GOTY version even though it truely wasnt, hey im waiting for resistance 2 GOTY edition, some website out there mustve given them that award.

Megaton3762d ago

Come on Crab, I thought you were supposed to be one of the brighter ones of the bunch. It's exactly like giving Resistance 2 a GOTY edition. The game was fine, but it didn't win any awards, so where's the justification for a GOTY edition? It's a legit question.

BasilMarceaux3762d ago

as much as I like gears 2, what is up with 5 games a year claiming a game of the year edition? I dont get it

QuantumWake3762d ago

What 5 games? Just curious.... :)

poopsack3762d ago

Did u play it? Or did u not get past a couple of youtube videos, btw, what I did was a rhetorical remark

cmrbe3762d ago

LBP won the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) GOTY 08 award.

theEnemy3762d ago

It did get lots of "nominations" on the GotY award, but haven't won one.

Cliffy B, are you behind this nonsense ?

simply pathetic.

BasilMarceaux3762d ago

Well, it was sort of a rhetorical comment and I just used 5 as a random number............. But to illustrate my point, doesnt gears 2, fallout 3, and left 4 dead all have game of the year editions coming out this year?

All-33762d ago

Not as many as Gears of War received...

Gears of War got some BIG Game Industry GotY Awards.

poopsack3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

alright, those two wikipedia articles proved u own it, but my entire point was that R2 was considered a big release last year, and it got no GOTY awards, that is why I used it as an example in what i said, it wasnt meant to be taken out of context. If u can understand that, im glad.

On the other hand I dont believe R2 deserved a GOTY award, but its scale and game mechanics were brilliant and understandable, respectively.

Double Toasted3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I think LBP deserved the award. My point was Gears 2 won a lot of awards including GOTY by some British Academy(I can't remember), while R2 only won a few awards that I can remember. The first Resistance was just a better gaming experience than R2 imo, but I like both and thats the reason I bought them.

BasilMarceaux3762d ago

nevermind. You spazzes dont need to defend gears, I love it and Im not attacking it. Im not taking anything away from it.... my point was how can L4D, Gears2, and FO3 all be game of the year? Just forget it.

But my real question was why this being released so close to the all fronts DLC collection?

cmrbe3762d ago

Gears 1 won GOTY 06. The same award LBP win in 08 and COD4 in 07. We are talking about Gears 2 here. Not Gears 1.

Double Toasted3762d ago

I see what you mean now. They have these GOTY editions because there are some gaming outlets that give them that award. For example, IGN might give the award to one game, but Gamespot gives it to another game. I guess if they're given the award from somewhere they take it and run with it. There really isn't an end all, be all type of format for gaming mags and web sites.

Anon19743762d ago

Microsoft also has a Fable 2 GOTY edition coming out. Which is it, Microsoft? Fable 2 or Gears 2?

Both were excellent games, but personally I don't think either were Game of the Year for 2009, and most publications agree.

I swear, at one point Game of the Year actually meant something. Now it's sounding like just a marketing label.

Megaton3762d ago

^ Well at least Fable 2 actually won one, and at a major outlet too. Sure, even Sessler's co-workers publicly mocked them over at X-Play for giving it to Fable 2, but they still did it.

GiantEnemyCrab3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Gears 2 was nominated for several GOTY and while it didn't win much of anything. It did win in it's respective categories.

"Gears of War 2 won several awards following its presentation at E3 2008. IGN gave it the awards Overall Best Shooting Game and Overall Best Graphics Technology of E3 2008.[59] Game Critics Awards gave the game Best Action Game of E3 2008.[60] Gears of War 2 also won Best Shooter[61] and Best Xbox 360 Game at the 2008 Spike Video Game Awards.[62]"

Regardless, it's just a way to repackage the game and include all the DLC. What a way to make a deal out of nothing.

@below: Well you could also look at it as GOTY on the Xbox 360. Considering those are the only people who are going to be able to buy it and enjoy it and also who played Gears 2. You are right though, it didn't win a BAFTA it was just nominated, I thought it won.

Megaton3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Was just nominated for a BAFTA, didn't win. Nevermind, you edited that bit out.


Anyways, I don't see anyone making a big deal about this. Simply asking whether this game won any GOTY awards or not. Usually one needs to for a GOTY edition.

AAACE53762d ago

If i'm correct Gears or War 2 just got voted Game of the Year during the G-phoria awards! I'm not sure if that counts or not.

TheBlackSmoke3762d ago

are voted for by the viewers of g4tv. They gave gears of war 2 the best FPS award so it has about as much credibilty as the open zone... lol i can imagine the stupid MS kids furiously voting gears 2 whilst jacking off to a marcus feenix poster.

theEnemy3762d ago

-Fallout 3 (All DLCs included)
-Fable II (Knotehole + See The Future included)
-MGS4 (____tinence version, something like the one in MGS3, oh and trophies!)
-LittleBigPlanet (50-80% of all DLCs included).

Gears 2 and R2 are great games, but if you compare it to the amounts of awards that the four games above have won, these 2 games will be covered by dirt.


RememberThe3573762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Fallout 3, MGS4, Fable 2and LittleBigPlanet won the most and should be the only ones allowed to release GOTY editions.

dragunrising3762d ago

I think everyone is over thinking the "GOTY" re branding. Its simply a way to sell more copies. Its debatable which game is truly GOTY however any game that sells more than 3 million is more likely to have one. In the case of GeOW 2, GOTY edition simply means: "Every Single Map Pack For Free Edition."

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cmrbe3762d ago

How many editions will this game get?.

adsaidler3762d ago

i have high hopes for the PC version \o/

MiloGarret3762d ago

Enough for you to buy at least one, lol.

Theoneneo813762d ago

MS Copys Little Big planet i see.

Doton073762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Fable2 GOTY edition was first.

Wakka_3762d ago

Oblivion IV GOTY Edition says hi!

TheBlackSmoke3762d ago

LOL microsofts self proclaimed goty editions are retarded. The fact they are releasing two game of the year editions is a contradiction in itself. Fact remains those were MS two best exclusives last year and well... in the end most sites didn't acknowledge either geow2 or fable 2 as their goty.

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poopsack3762d ago

Im guessing its actually the (GRLY) Game Released Last Year, version

shutupandplay3762d ago


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