Exclusive: Far Cry Begins Shooting Next Month

Gamerflicks reports that come next month Uwe Boll will be standing on the set of his seventh video game movie.

Gamerflicks has learned that Boll's next movie will be an adaptation of Far Cry, the first-person shooter released in 2004 by Ubisoft. Filming on Far Cry the movie is set to begin on June 20 and last until August 28 but contrary to a newspaper report that appeared late last year it now appears that filming will not take place on the island of Hawaii but instead in Vancouver, Canada.

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kingofps34183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

wtf, Ume Boll working on Far Cry is definitely horrible news for fans of the game (and games to come). Boll and Thompson must be brothers :P

eques judicii4183d ago

how does boll keep getting work?

The great 14183d ago

This man should be fired for his horrible work, i'm supprised nobody has shot this man for his tarnishing of the game world, that just proves that jack Thompson is a big fat liar, because if gammers were possessed by games, this UWE BOWL guy would have been on everyones hit list lol!

biomajor094183d ago

Wow, now we get another great video game franchise butchered. This game actually had the potential to be a great movie. Now it is unsaveable.

Covenant4183d ago


How does he keep getting work?!?