GamesRadar: Shadow Complex Review

Much like the classic game it references, Shadow Complex is rife with color-coded doors that can only be opened with specific equipment gained at different points along your travels. Following objectives laid out on the map leads you directly to these key items and advances the plot, yet there's a ridiculous amount of power-ups to uncover and secret areas to explore by trailblazing.

You'll love:
* Blowing things up
* Nods to Super Metroid
* Giant robot battles

You'll hate:
* Moderately short length
* Being immobilized
* Moronic enemy leader

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N4PS3G3763d ago

damn... i'm getting tired of seeing all those 9+ scores ...i wanna play already :(

JasonPC360PS3Wii3763d ago

LOL someone has been hitting up all the reviews of this game giving shadow disagrees for everyone, with every comment.

green3763d ago

I just got Trials HD today and the game is awesome.Now will be getting Shadow Complex tomorrow and i simply can't wait.XBLA has really delivered this summer

Greywulf3763d ago

Middle of August...

Is this the first AAA for the 360 in 2009?