Slim Pickings: The story of the fabled PS3 Slim (so far)

Judging by the hundreds of reader-submitted tips Joystiq has received in August pointing to "totally conclusive evidence" of the existence of a slimmer, sexier version of Sony's home console, they think it's safe to say that PS3 Slim pontification has reached a fever pitch. As video game news conduits, they've frequently been forced to gaze into this swirling maw of speculation in an attempt to gin the might-be-reals out of the most-assuredly-fakes.

One of the prevailing pieces of gossip regarding the hardware is the moment of its unveiling: Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. EST, during Sony's GamesCom press conference. Before they arrive at that potentially auspicious hour, they're going to look through the brief annals of the PS3 Slim's history, analyzing the big pieces of evidence, debunking the obvious mockups, and interpreting data from a poll they conducted over this past weekend.

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jack_burt0n3771d ago

It almost feels like a console launch lol apart from the fact I already have one >_< i still want one.

If they coincide it with a hefty FW update it will be one hell of a marketing move the viral nature of these rumours have worked a charm.

Max Power3771d ago

unveil it, it will be the last thing, kinda like the FFXIII reveal.