At One Time, Sony Toyed With In-Game Commercials

The Wipeout HD ads that popped up during loading were annoying, but they're small potatoes compared to a more antagonizing form of in-game advertising Sony was developing.

Sony Computer Entertainment applied for a patent that forcibly paused a game to display an ad and then resumed the game after the message was shown. Basically, Sony was working on in-game commercials.

Here's an example of how the system could work.

Figure 2 illustrates slowing a game down is one of the ways players can be pulled from playing a game. Other examples listed include: a blinking light, an audio cue, and a warning message that says "game play is about to stop." Once the game pauses players watch a commercial and a similar event (a blinking light, warning message) let's players know the game is about to begin again.

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Saaking3764d ago

Oh no, don't give MS any ideas. They already have ads on the dashboard even though we pay for them. I'm sure even the bots don't want this.

Saaking3764d ago

I pay $60 for games. That's more than enough to avoid commercials. The day games start getting ingame commercials is the day I stop buying games.

Mr Tretton3764d ago

Nope, you'd still buy them. You'd complain like a b*tch, but you'd still buy them. Please.

cryymoar3764d ago

perhaps they should try selling two versions of a game,
one full priced non-ad game,
and another half priced game with ads.

Saaking3764d ago

That sounds like a good idea, but I'd rather commercials just stay out of games.

Cajun Chicken3764d ago

I hope Sony doesn't ever use this patent and just sue people who try to implement things with similar descriptions.

_vx3764d ago

M$ is hungry to steal any Sony Idea/game or whatever, that company is cheap, and Sony need to be quiet about their future technologies

Fadetoblack693764d ago

"What? There's still an industry out there not being flooded with commercials, billboards, spam and popup advertising?? We cannot allow this!!"

"This reply brought to you by SteelShaft(tm.) Seal Clubs - Buy one today!"