Dyack predicts 'end of the golden era of video games'

Controversially, Dyack completely dismissed the problem of lag--claiming that they're not even real issues at all. "If I were one of these companies, I'd be looking at putting hardware into every major city, which would completely eradicate any lag problems," he said. He believes in the concept so much, in fact, that he even went on to say, "2009 may be the end of the golden era of video games as the first cloud models for games are announced."

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Parapraxis3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Oh...for a second there I thought he was going to announce some new game he was making, a game so bad that it single-handedly would make the entire gaming industry crumble.

Cloud gaming is fine too I suppose. Not so sure that physical media will be going away any time soon though Denis.