Gamer Limit: Trials HD review

Gamer Limit:

"If Excitebike made sweet, sweet love to N+, you would have Trials HD. There are motorcycles, and physics, and you will die, a lot. But is it fun?"

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3766d ago
Fullish3766d ago

Pft, you get nothing decent on the PSN.

DangerCurtis3766d ago

Looks like an interesting game. Hmmm... Excite bike. Looks enticing.

glennc3766d ago

it is evil. the games has the most basic controls you could imagine and you will still swear your ass off at that little idiot who can't stay on his damn bike. loving it.

GrahameG3766d ago

This looks very much like a love/hate game.

One that will have you coming back for more and more.

JQ3766d ago

Very cool. I will be checking this out.

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