Microsoft: Over-promising and Under-delivering – Part 1

Matthew L. of Random Textual Nonsense writes:

At E3 2006 Microsoft announced what they called "a new PC gaming initiative" under the moniker "Games for Windows". Among the ambitious plans outlined at the press conference were a unified brand for PC games, Games for Windows LIVE, the release of Windows Vista and the DirectX 10 API.

This two-part series will take a look at the plans laid out at E3 2006, how they've been implemented so far and how they've generally been received by the gaming community. Part one examines the LIVE service and part two will focus on the GFW brand, Vista and DirectX 10.

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Gue13769d ago

Yeah, blogs are annoying. Anybody could go and create a blog and then post it as news on N4G... But with the bunch of idiots and fanboys that we have for contributors what can we do?

Trollimite3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

why did this get approved, im a "ps3 lover" and i still know this is bullshiit!

i think its time we bury the hatchet. this is getting out of hand!

if you unball your fist ill shake it! how about it? can we coexist?

FamilyGuy3768d ago

^ Why say that, this doesn't seem to have anything to do with the 360 or PS3 so why would this be offensive. I admit that I have not read it nor do i plan to even click the link but I think it's safe to say that most arguments an fanboyism here are related to the console market.

Someone talking crap about what M$ is or isn't doing with PC games means nothing to most of the people here and that's why this topic is "low temperature"

Anything written here will be COMPLETELY forgotten by tomorrow anyways :)