Sony's GamesCom Announcements: One Day Early

Ben Durka of PSXE writes: "Sony's GamesCom press conference is only hours away, but before the fireworks fly, we wanted to give you our predictions. What are we basing these on? The information and evidence that's currently floating around the Internet and perhaps a dash of something extra... Anyway, here are the announcements we think will happen; announcements that will get you excited in less than 24 hours."

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deadreckoning6663766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

They played it pretty safe with their predictions, but I disagree that the PS3 will actually drop to $299 and that GT5 will come out his year.

Reibooi3766d ago

I think most of those are pretty good predictions although I am a bit iffy about the Backwards compatibility and the price of the slim. I think its more likely that the Slim will be priced at what current PS3's are and the 160Gb model will get a price drop. Although the reaction over the PSP Go's price point could change this.

WhittO3766d ago

I think the ps3 will get a price drop, im getting sick of hearing about it so i really hope they announce one just to stop the endless articles lol.

I dont really think it needs a slim version, the ps3 looks really well-made and expensive, looks great with the home-setup.
Hope the slim version doesnt look cheap.

Pistolero3766d ago

I can't wait to see what Sony announces.

Timesplitter143766d ago

I'll just cross my fingers for backwards compatibility and The Last Guardian

Chewy1023766d ago

the downtime psn will have tomarrow. Id bet my socks that the downtime will bring something good.

mrjudd3766d ago

yeah backwards compatability would be great san andreas all the way

morganfell3766d ago

Yep, the anticipation is all about Sony. People can say what they want and think what they will but all of the buzz is about Sony. And with the arrival of the slim I will get my third PS3.

ps3d03766d ago

well it rain gold on all ps3 owner too ? Seriously that is some serious wishful thinking there.

More I think able it assuming that there is a PS3 silm it will likely be price at 399. The 80gb model will see a price cut to clear out left over stock and it will 299. I think the silm will be 399 for at least 6 months.

Why the hell would they ever add BC to any system ever agian ? We can already see the current business model dont allow this. They resell you old games on PSN/XBL if you could simple pop in a disc you already own and play what you think is going to happen to their profits ?

GT5 in Dec yeah of 2010. They didnt even have a demo of this game at E3 that should give you an idea of just how far off this game is.

Chewy1023766d ago

What you saying that we can't hope and dream? I belive that BC is coming back and that the slim will come. I don't know when but I think that you might want to go that way ---> with comments like that.

morganfell3766d ago

Why? Because it is time to consider beginning the phase out of the PS2. I have an original 60Gb model souped up with a 320Gb HDD. But other people may not have the luxury.

With B/C added, the PS3 becomes the console with more playable titles than any other unit on the market.

Chewy1023766d ago

Doesn't the PS3 already have the most titles on the market? If Im thinking right didn't only the PS2 get cut out of the PS3? If you combine all of the PS1 and PS3 games, that makes for one hell of a list.

But you said on the market, and the PS1 has long since died. So I don't think the PS1 games count anymore, do they?

Anyway I also have a 60gig PS3. Iv put in a 250gig internal HDD (that's the biggest HDD staples had at that time) and a 320gig external HDD for backups and storage.

caseh3766d ago

If the slim is confirmed then what makes everyone think the price will drop on that particular unit? Consoles inherently get more expensive/hold their value when the existing model is revised and made smaller. Take a look back at consoles, its been going on since the Sega Master System.

Master System > Master System II
Megadrive > Megadrive II
PSX > PSOne ...etc

For those that never noticed, the newer revisions came in around the same price as the model that was being phased out.

ps3d03766d ago

Chewy102 if you actually believe that then youre an idiot. No company is going to give away something that makes them million of dollars every year.

I know its hard to understand but I actually use logic when posting. Youre the one making blind fanboy post cause youre to stupid to understand how the world works. So you might want to think about goin that way ----------------->

morganfell3766d ago

^^^Then you do not understand strategy. This isn't Microsoft that says make a buck right now. Sony knows that the longer they wait to bring B/C the less viable it becomes. In order to use the power of that update they have to move sooner, not later.

Marceles3766d ago

My prediction is...Sony will outdo themselves just like E3, but the media will still flop their conference for whatever strange reasons.

Journalist: "GT5 and PS3 slim bundle for $200 isn't bad but....uh......I'm more excited for Beatles Rock Band with the exclusive song on the 360 for $500 bucks. DLC is WAY better...the 360 wins."

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JD_Shadow3766d ago

I think all of these are likely to happen.

Thing is, all this talk about the hardware stuff (the price cut, firmware, and the slim), and we haven't even TOUCHED what Sony could surprise us with on the software front besides GT5.

Wonder if they are going to pull another E3 and do some self-deprecation again with "oh, you didn't see THIS one leaked, did you" to something like Mass Effect going to PS3 or something like that.

Just saying...

Timesplitter143766d ago

But I kinda feel sad for Sony that all their secrets get leaked before major events

C_SoL3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

is your avatar the shamwow guy?

check out the story about him. that sh!t is funny.

scroll down and press the numbers to see pics of the hooker

Greywulf3766d ago

oh my god he beat a prostitute? lol... who the f does that?!

supremacy3766d ago

hope the ps3slim isn't missing wifi please god no. i mean its what i use around here no cables for me and if my ps3 should ever go down the drain, i wouldnt mind picking up a slim with the pending fw that is.

as long as wifi,hard drive hdmi and bluray(duh) remains in the system i could care less of what else they strip whether that be a 2 usb ports or memory card readers.

but just keep the above in tact sony and we are straight you got my money once more. ps3 was originally design to be 2nd to non in the premium department so i don't expect this to change, our arcade model if we ever had such a thing, is and should remain their premium.

MastaMold3766d ago

i want GT5 most all, my 250gig PS3 that i bought in 06' which use to be a 60gig does everything ppl want da current PS3's to do but i am looking to buy another PS3 later and if da slim PS3 is real along wit a price drop then that PS3 is going in my living room but most of all i want GT5 ya feel me!!

kaz-hirai3766d ago

"Sony's GamesCom Announcements: One Day Early"

I see the tears of chatboxes all over the world and hear them run to play their glitches of war 2 ;-D

Dont worry xbots you have a stripped down alan wake ;-}

user8586213766d ago

buhh buhh facebook.........twitter

kaz-hirai3766d ago

;-D i forgot the PS3 cant access the likes of twitter,facebook & NETFLIX !!!


user8586213766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

buh buh avatar!! movin em wiv camera!! :( wiggle bottom of my shoe

deadreckoning6663766d ago

Is this a joke or are people actually considering the fact that a group of gamers are worried about a press conference? Really??? U guys make it seem like its impossible for a person to go to a store and buy whatever console they choose.

3766d ago
Kill Crow3766d ago

All the ps3 gaymers say Yaaaay !!!

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