Level7 (Sweden) : Shadow Complex Review

Hakan Persson writes "Chair Entertainment, a subsidiary of Epic Games, has been fascinated by and admired the two-dimensional Metroid and Castlevania series. Shadow Complex is their homage to the somewhat neglected genre, but estimated that jokingly called MetroidVania."

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JOLLY13767d ago

This is the worst score so far, and that isn't bad at all. I am pretty excited for wednesday.

Cajun Chicken3767d ago

I have a 20gb HDD and have less than 5GB left, this sounds as if it's gonna be a biggun and I still have Serious Sam HD to get when that comes out.

JOLLY13767d ago

I would say 200 to 300 meg range

mintaro3767d ago

just over 800 actually

3767d ago