New UK version of MGS2 is missing The Document

As we speak, Konami rereleased several of its best titles available in the UK. However, an important piece of the package is missing. It is important to mention that The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 won't be included unlike its original european release. An absence that might turn down some of you customers looking forward to this exclusive and rare bonus. In case you want to make the difference of the 2 versions while surfing on eBay, here's how you can recognize them:

1. The game case isn't clear anymore, but blue.
2. The old Konami logo has been replaced with the new one.
3. The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 is not included
4. BBFC's (UK's ESRB) logo has been enlarged.
5. BBFC's logo has been added on the side of the case as well.
6. The orange "Collector Edition" sticker has been removed.
7. The PlayStation 2 logo has been abnormally enlaged.

But, there is no indication whatsoever that The Document won't be see another release along with MGS2 Substance in the near future. Dear collectors, beware!

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PirateThom3767d ago

I doubt the Docunment will get a re-release. It was a bonus disc.

IdleLeeSiuLung3766d ago

release these games with so many different versions and the re-releases seem to always be missing things. That is a disservice to fans and only helps ebay sellers!

RockmanII73767d ago

I was going to ask what the document is, but Pirate answered it before I could. thx + r u teh mind redorz o_O ???