Gizmodo: Is This the First Real Screenshot of Chrome OS?

Anyone can fake a screenshot. Heck, anyone can fake an Apple Tablet-this is a lot easier. These screenshots of Chrome OS-with a Mac OS X-inspired dock-may be real, but they may be fake for a couple of reasons.

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WhittO3768d ago

hmm, looks ok, sort of reminds me of the GUI of OS X.

villevalorox3768d ago

looks like a customized version of ubuntu to be honest. that could be easily done in ubuntu.. well so as any os look.. Who knows. But to be honest I think it is fake imo

Millah3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

It looks more like an old ass OS, more like NeXTStep OS than OSX. If this is the real interface, multitasking is going to suck on this thing. It will be just like pre-Windows 95 OS's for multitasking, which was terrible because there was no organizing principle for the multiple apps/windows. Just a bunch of windows open with no interface to organize them.

Seems pretty fake though. Probably a fake done on Ubuntu.

sunil3768d ago

Looks similar to windows 3.1

Claudinho693768d ago

again worst camera/camera man ever

PS360PCROCKS3768d ago

Haha I know right? Apparently people with really big news can't take proper screenshots or pictures of anything! Like voila here is the PS3 slim but apparently I can only take out of focus, fuzzy odd angle pictures even though its in front of me

JonnyBigBoss3768d ago

Clean and simple. Sianara Microsoft.

usern4g3768d ago

Oh tell us how it's Linux on the Desktop year again. Snore.

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