Flower Post Mortem At GDC Europe Reveals XNA Used In Development

Garnett Lee from 1UP writes: At GDC Europe thatgamecompany (TGC) president Kellee Santiago broke down the prototype process they went through in creating their PSN game Flower. She started by describing how the game embodies their company's goal of exploring more complex feeling and resolutions rather than the primal responses most games trigger.

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sinncross4859d ago

This is interesting since I'm sure they same company stated that the game could not work on any console besides the PS3.

Still interesting nevertheless... though I do wonder whether this means that XNA developer games could get ports to the PSN. I don't see it happening cause it depends on the programmers, but I wonder.

Great game btw!

callahan094859d ago

XNA was used by the design team to make prototypes of what they were designing. The programming team then looked at these prototypes and created the PS3 game. The XNA stuff isn't the actual game, it's really like the blueprint that was used to build the real game.