Editorial: Is Activision Evil?

TheGameReviews: "It's said that no press is bad press, something that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick would probably agree with. As the outspoken head of the world's most profitable third-party video game publisher, Kotick has built up a brand with an amazing roster of titles and some of the most talented designers in the industry. Yet, despite all of this, all is not well in the eyes of many. Amidst growing concern over expensive peripherals, rehashed sequels and extravagant packaging, some of the company's most ardent followers have now turned a corner. A boycott has been called pertaining to Modern Warfare 2's pricing in the UK, and worries over Guitar Hero 5's impending launch have resulted in drastic measures to entice potential buyers. At the center of this all has been Kotick, with an unending string of controversial statements and an apparent disdain for the consumer's happiness. Public opinion has swayed against the mighty giant, comparable to the way EA was looked upon several years back. Is Activision really the corporate monster that some of their actions have seemingly made them out to be? Is Kotick the real-life manifestation of Flintheart Glomgold? In short, is Activision evil?"

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Haly3763d ago

They're about as evil as any other business that wants a profit. That unfortunately makes them pretty evil though.

Interesting editorial :)

mastiffchild3763d ago

The action of raising the price in the Uk and not elsewhere is pretty near evil when you think we pay more already, Acti always make us pay over the odds for GH games and crap AND when people are losing their jobs at an alarming rate over here.

I know every company HAS to be greedy but there's a limit to what's acceptable and that's why people are kicking off about this. That is all really.

LoydX-mas3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Making a profit is now considered "evil" to some people.

Explain what the motivation to risk everything a person owns to start up a new business would be then? ....Huh?

That's what I thought.

unknownhero11233763d ago

making a profit is not evil but overcharging something is certain area while other areas are cheaper is evil. all koktick sees are dollar signs and all U.K. gamers want kotick gone.

LoydX-mas3763d ago

I have read recent articles that the U.K. pound has been loosing value vs. the U.S. dollar and that means Activision looses money if they leave the price alone.

Besides, even if Activision is raising prices for no reason at all except to make more money in a certain region, it makes them STUPID not evil.

Genesis53763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Well I wouldn't say they are evil but their front man(Kotick) could use a few PR lessons. He will learn that overcharging is not the way to go.

iceman063763d ago

I think that those in the UK would like to put a "stop" to this before it becomes a common practice. If Activision succeeds in charging more in one region versus another, it might prompt other companies to do the same. Economics aside, that would be a "bad" precedent to set in the UK. Also, to the profit comment...there are certain profit margins that should be maintained to be "successful". However, overshoot that margin and it becomes dangerously close to gouging. (see the big oil companies business over...well...for just about ever!*L*)

LoydX-mas3763d ago

This is a video game company that sells video games.

This is NOT a commodity (like gas or oil) that is essential for the worlds economies to work.

If you or anyone else doesn't like the price that Activision is going to sell their games at, then don't buy them. If enough people feel the same, then the market will force them to drop the price.(can anyone say PS3?)

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tehk1w13763d ago

First it was Microsoft.
Then Electronic Arts.
Then Ubisoft for a little while.
Now Activision.

My bet is that Sony will be next on the chopping block.

shoinan3763d ago

It'll be EA again. Sadly.

Godmars2903763d ago

When isn't Sony on the assault block weather they've done something good or evil?

sunil3763d ago

next might be the big MS (price hike in UK)

iceman063763d ago

How soon we forget that people accused Sony of this with the PS3!!! Claiming that they were overcharging for their console...even though at $600 they were still taking a $200 hit at launch. What about Nintendo??? /jk

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cmrbe3763d ago

Their CEO is just an asshole.

cmrbe3763d ago

Some people got it wrong. For me personally there is nothing wrong with wanting more profit. Thats what CEO's are suppose to do but when you anger and basically abuse the people that give you money. It is stupid.

There is nothing wrong in raising the price IF there is something extra that goes with the product which is why no gamer ever complained about pricing of LE versions of games. It is when he put up the price of regular edition solely because its suppose to be a blockbuster game that is the problem.

Its give and take. You can't just take.

Godmars2903763d ago

Willfully stupid?
Growingly arrogant?
Just plain big mouthed?

Yes. Yes they are.

Qazdaz3763d ago

Not evil...

Just delusional money grabbing bastards.

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