GameZone: Madden NFL 10 PS3 Review

GameZone writes: "As certain as the temperature turn cooler or cold in winter, EA Sports is bound to release another version of Madden football on consoles. In this instance, the release is for the next-gen PS3 console system.

The newest edition of Madden football is the most visceral experience yet and EA Sports boasts that it is the most realistic yet. In some ways it may well be, but in others, this game fumbles that ideal away."

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garypaytonglove3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

This is the lowest review I've seen for Madden. I mean come on, an 8.7 out of a 100. They could have at least given it a 10 out of a 100.

samchris3770d ago

I guess I wasn't the only one to catch that.

garypaytonglove3770d ago

It's a common mistake and I'm easily amused so I couldn't just pass it by.