Sony patents shape-shifting, emotion-sensing game tech

Brendan Sinclair from Gamespot reports: Sony Computer Entertainment America wants to change the way people play games, and that's not just marketing speak. The PlayStation 3 maker has filed patent applications for a number of improvements and substitutions to the standard controller interface in recent years, going beyond the motion-sensing control setup revealed at E3

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Whiteford884859d ago

Something big is going on at sony, I don't know what it is, but when Sony drops this bombshell, goodbye microsoft and goodbye nintendo...
Oh well...

Trevorthenerd4858d ago

sony can not bring down nintendo lol... they will probably make some crappy game like Milo

Nitrowolf24859d ago

interesting to see what sony comes up with.

cryymoar4859d ago

then Microsoft is gona make one and

supremacy4859d ago

Sony was gonna quit the gaming market? what ever happened to that? lol i tell ya, kids these days. no resources huh? well on Friday im gonna go see Sony pictures box office record breaking district 9,

Mr Tretton4859d ago

lol, gaming division has nothing to do with movie division.

So if the movie division was going down, the games division would loan them money? No. Corporate would cut their losses. They aren't going to cannibalize their buisness just to save something they've failed at and could lose them more money.

To clarify for children and morons, I'm only referring to this person's logic, not the PS3 or Sony. thnx

NewZealander4859d ago

i saw D9 last night, not a bad movie but i hated the main guy so much!