Interview with Goozex founder and COO Jon Dugan on new movie trading service

Goozex's new movie trading service just went live today. In this interview, The Goozex Report catches up with founder and COO Jonathan Dugan to learn more about this new service.

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JimmyJames703764d ago

This sounds very cool. I can't wait to trade away some old DVDs and get some new games.

daleculp3764d ago

Yeah, I've really been looking forward to it for a while now. I have a bunch of movies I don't think I've watched in ages. Heh, I wonder how long it would take to trade away my unopened copy of Johnny Mnemonic!

bgrundman3764d ago

For me it is very much cashing in on old games to get some Blu-rays. This is also a great way to expand on your collection of rare and hard to find films as well.

daleculp3764d ago

@bgrundman Excellent idea! I don't have a blu-ray player so I don't know, but movies on blu-ray are still pretty expensive, aren't they?

kube003764d ago

Can't wait to use this!

bgrundman3764d ago

I have already listed a ton of my DVDs and Blu-Rays for trading. This is awesome!

bgrundman3764d ago

I really hope this takes off because I know that as great as the game service is, it could expand tenfold with films.

daleculp3764d ago

That was certainly something Jon talked about. Interestingly, he said he was probably the most optimistic person on the idea of trading movies. He also mentioned trading other things (we talk about it in the interview) which made me wonder if, perhaps, books might be next.

daleculp3764d ago

@JimmyJames70 It's like a Kindle, but you can only store one at a time.

cardgenius3764d ago

Nice. Now I can build my blu-ray collection without spending a fortune like I did on my DVD collection.

GamerscoreWhores3763d ago

The website where the article is hosted at thegoozexreport blogspot. Ironic really, I was going to interview these guys, but maybe they interviewed themselves, in which case...whats the point?

daleculp3763d ago

The Goozex Report is a community-run blog that covers all topics in gaming but also a little of what goes on at within the community. Other than that, we're completely independent of