Blizzard on StarCraft 2 Expansions: 'We're Not Going to Gouge People'

Nick Breckon from ShackNews writes: Ever since Blizzard announced that it would be splitting the three StarCraft II campaigns into separate games, fans have been worried the studio will abandon its trend of $30 expansions and charge full price for the new games.

Producer Chris Sigaty responded to those concerns during a recent interview with Shacknews, telling us that the team is viewing the games as traditional Blizzard expansions, and not full sequels.

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SuperStrokey11234859d ago

Well im very grateful for this but tbh, i would pay almost any amount for the expansions of this game. Im personally looking forward to it that much.

Daver4859d ago

i cant believe they are doing this.. its suppose to be 1 game not 3... i hope they dont think that we should be graceful for saying the other ''expansion'' will cost like an expansion

cryymoar4859d ago

but what does Activision think?
They are the ones gouging people.
Doesn't Activision own Blizzard now and just took the name?

DeadlyFire4858d ago

You guys are looking at it all wrong though. Lots of RTS games of the past have come out with a game and then 2 expansions. Then they move on. That isn't the kicker to guoge you though. Its this DLC that is mentioned. That is useless crap in a PC game. Game mods can clearly compensate for such things. No need for DLC in a PC game ever.

The_Darkest_Red4859d ago

AKA we are trying our hardest to resist the evil tug of Activision. Good luck Blizzard! I don't even like PC gaming but I hope you can conquer this evil and remain a legitimately awesome company!

Bnet3434859d ago

That's good to hear. I'm glad that SC2 got delayed till' next year. There are too many games this holiday, it gives me time to save more cash. Good luck with Sc2 Blizzard.

Daver4859d ago

theres way more good games coming out at beginning of 2010 where starcraft will probably ship

JD_Shadow4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

Mr. Kotick can learn from this. At least these guys ANSWER controversies instead of running like the coward that Kotick is.

[email protected]: Thanks. "You're gonna love my nuts."

Too bad I got bubble raped earlier today (by the usuals).

Baka-akaB4859d ago

"When are not going to gouge people" is basically what a scammer would say .

What's the use of lying about it ? With activision's greediness and half their profits coming from blizzard games , and the DLC trend ... it's obvious that we will have to pay for stuff that previously were freebies in sc and war3 , or packed in huge addons .

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