7.0 Review: The Conduit (Wii) writes:
Could this possibly live up to the hype it's been given?

On the gaming communities I frequent, the seemingly few remaining 'hardcore' gamers that own the Wii have been hailing The Conduit as the saviour for hardcore gaming on the Wii. However, they said the same about MadWorld and sales for that haven't been too stellar.

And so, it's arrived. The Conduit is a first person shooter set in a near future Washington DC. You play the part of Michael Ford, a Secret Service agent who has been inducted into a group known as 'The Trust' in order to uncover the truth behind the invading alien force know as the 'Drudge'. It's pretty much cookie-cutter conspiracy theory story, and it's told in the form of MGS-style codec based cut scenes and in-game radio communication between you and your contact within The Trust, with some pretty bog standard voice acting.

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