GDC Europe: Sony Taking 'Huge Steps Forward' With Playstation Home

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's James Cox and Martijn Van Der Meulen gave a talk at GDC Europe on Monday updating the current status on Playstation Home development, recent successes of the Home platform, and what can be expected for developers looking to implement Home in the future.

Cox, head of development, and Van Der Meulen, creative producer, were also very keen to stress that Playstation Home is aimed at providing developers with a means for sharing "interactive content" with Playstation users, rather than being used mainly for "PR purposes".

Initially, says Van Der Meulen, developers on the whole were not convinced that Home was worth producing for. Sony provided an external developer with the SDK tools and within four or five weeks of development, the minigame Tri Sphere was created and deemed a success, pulling in more games companies to try out the development tools.

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cmrbe3763d ago

Sony should keep developing home. I always support new and innovative ideas that's has obvious potential.

FamilyGuy3763d ago

I would like it more if it were an actual game. An MMO with regular people characters. Instead it's a social networking app and i never had an interest in any of those.

table3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

"Integration between Home and PS3 titles is important for the future of Home, says Cox, with two main methods available to developers. Sony is pushing developers to give users the ability to not only launch their games through PlayStation Home (with multiple people if desired), but also to drop both themselves and their friends straight into a specific level of a game, skipping the title and loading screens."

This is an important feature that needs to become a standard if Home is to be succesful. At the moment Home feels disconnected from gaming whereas avatars on xbox live feel a part of the gaming experience. The only thing I like about Home is the Red Bull air race, more games like that would also be welcome.

Typical-Guy3763d ago

Yeah totally true " At the moment Home feels disconnected from gaming whereas avatars on xbox live feel a part of the gaming experience".

poopsack3763d ago

i agree, i also like the resistance mini game, we need more like that, id really like to see some paintball game using the avatars with a covers system or somethin.

ape0073763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

couldn't agree more,I hope the home team and psn team work together,I want a new psn experience,better game profiles,X game chat,notification sounds,cooler in game xmb,when u gain trophies or recieve a massage u just press the ps button to go there,trophy sound to occure immediately when u achieve it like achievements and sony should add "home rewards" above your "trophy list" to know how to get them with some special "dling" sound to it

swiftshot933763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

add levels to the friends list, we need REAL avatars, voice chat in-game (parties), and standardizing game invites across all games so that developers are FORCED to do it (it IS possible. see RE5, WipEout, LBP, R2, U2, etc...). Oh yea, and optimize the in-game XMB.

Thats all I want from PSN and thats what all of us have been asking for. If sony can just give us that they could do anything they want I couldnt care less. More importantly PS3 fans/gamers would be totally happy.

mrv3213763d ago

But keep it quiet they might be listening...

Uh oh they are here...

All console have their flaws(except the dreamcast), don't be a fanboy be a gamer....

*mrv321 being strangled*

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The story is too old to be commented.