Was Marketing The Key To Resident Evil 5's Success?

REHorror; Adrian Wesker writes: "Apparently marketing was the key to Resident Evil 5's success. I find the statement as one of those amusing business type of things to say as of course marketing would have helped make the game more successful than if they had just released the game without a mere mention, but who in any business industry just releases something without having a marketing capaign strategy?.."

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Kurisu3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I didn't realise this game sold so well. But, I did see a TON of adverts for the game on TV when it launched so, yes, marketing definately did help.

EDIT: Does anyone know which console the game sold more copies on? The TV adverts were always solely focused on the Xbox 360 version, so it would be interesting to know.

Daver3766d ago

Not marketing.. coop made this resident evil a success this and the brand
Without coop this game would have sucked in my opinion

cjflora3766d ago

How about the fact that it's a good game, or a long running franchise, or it added a new gameplay feature? I saw all of the people whining about how they hated the controls and such, but there are people who actually will play games that are different, and not Halo. So quit acting surprised that it sold well. It was a good game, not everyone hated it.