Opinion: Are Fanboys Good for the Industry?

IndustryGamers: Fanboys are seen by many as a bane of the gaming industry. They're often considered shortsighted, bitter and arrogant, and blamed for ruining all discussions everywhere about games with their strident banter. If you clicked on this link looking for all the reasons why fanboys are a scourge that should be eliminated, however, you'll be disappointed.

Now, we've been through enough "console wars" to realize that all the players involved are large, multinational corporations that don't care about us personally – if they happen to put out some games we enjoy, we're happy enough with that. Because of this, we regard most fanboy-ism to be very silly, but that doesn't mean they don't have their place in the industry. Here's a list of the good things (and bad things) that fanboys bring to the gaming industry.

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Nineball21123768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

And does show that for all the bad things fanboys bring to the table, there are some good things too!

There is a silver lining in every cloud, eh?

Oh, and gotta love this quote: "we wonder if some people don't complain about games more than they actually play them."

Product3768d ago

Before the last 2 generations they were no real fanboys. Something has changed where people want others to hear their opinions, and people have the right to complain....maybe that was the internet.

PirateThom3768d ago

Actually, during the 16 bit years, Nintendo and Sega had major fanboys, even magazines didn't deguise bias or hatred for the other company.

TheColbertinator3768d ago

Thats certainly true.I remember arguing with people on how I always believed the Genesis was better than the SNES

Genesis does what Nintendon't

Rockstar3768d ago

I was a Ninty supporter.

I've never owned a Sega console.
But now I find myself wanting a Dreamcast.

n4f3768d ago

at least both deliver quality game and the fanboy were tolerable. so the winner was not only nintendo but the gamer cause they had to deliver good quality of the time.
and this was the best console war imo and determined the best console AND the best game ever comming from both console

Fadetoblack693768d ago

I've owned almost every console except the Xbox(s) - Pong, Nintendo(s), Sega(s), Atari 2600, Coleco, Panasonic 3DO, the list goes on and on.

The only reason why I refused to buy the XBox(s) isn't my opinion of the console so much as the fact that I refuse to support Microshite in anything. Paying to play non-mmo games online is just wrong...., I wouldn't care if they charge $10 a year for gold membership, I still wouldn't support them. It's just wrong.

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EvilTwin3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Sure...people who go online to bash other consoles/games that they don't own are good for the industry because they're..."passionate " (about acting like fools) and do it often?


Nelson M3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Thy Silly Little BoTs
54% Failure Rate for the 3Shitsty
That means more than Half of The BoTs are gonna get The RRoD Tonight
Haaa Ha

I Love being a Fanboy

pure pwnage243768d ago

but teh sales is like magic! 54.2% failure rate is success because M$ will make ur console look like Jesus wit a cape!!!

glennc3768d ago

time to get a new argument. f#ck you sony fanboys are boring idiots. why is it that sony owners are mostly f#ckwits who jump all over every article with their same tired old argument that they could just permanently have stored in their clipboard to paste in every xbox article. not just this site but every site on the interent to do with games. 9/10 comments are PS3 fanboys saying the same f#cking thing over and over.

you lot are like a disease (spreading your low IQ's all over the web).

having said that, at least you guys use the open zone

Nelson M3768d ago

Until someone losses an eye

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