IGN: GC 09: Catching Up with CryEngine 3

Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli talks and vents about trends and what's to come.

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pxpxp3771d ago

im planning on upgrading my pc some time soon. i can currently run crysis at mid levels and it looks good but oh boy i can only imagine how it will look/run when i fully upgrade it. Eventhough cryengine 3 is more like 2.5 its good to see it coming to consoles, i wonder if it(cryengine console version) will be able to stand against the uncharted or killzone engines? only time will tell...

Man_of_the_year3771d ago

The CryEngine is actually realy awesome. Check out this link and see how easy the CryEngine 3 is to help developers with building AMAZING games on the PS3 and 360. Just amazing.

Pandamobile3771d ago

Hey Crytek, PC tech demo please >:C