Blizzard zerg-rushes Net with single-player Starcraft 2 news

Blizzard showed off a generous chunk of the single-player action in StarCraft 2, and the industry giant made its case for the RTS as a strong experience... even when playing alone. Here are some hints about what you can expect from the game, coming in 2010.

On July 20, Blizzard held an event for the press to allow game writers to get their first taste of StarCraft 2 single-player. Ars Technica received what amounted to a golden ticket for the event, but I was unfortunately busy attending to a personal issue and had to politely decline... no matter how great the temptation. What Blizzard revealed was a completely rethought single-player experience that goes beyond what was attempted in the first game. While some are still hung up on the lack of LAN play, what is offered to those playing alone is substantial.

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