Resident Evil: Outbreak on PSN/XBL a Possibility?

The Don @ writes:

"Remember Resident Evil: Outbreak – an Online only game for the PS2? Well, that makes one of us because I surely don't. But that's besides the point, after having one of the readers on mention it in response to a recent article 5 PS2 Franchises for PSN as a Priority, I then started looking up the game."

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DasBunker3764d ago

why the F would they put outbreak on the store when theres a much better RE game on PS2.. called RE4

Masamori Sumimura3764d ago

RE4 was re-released for the Wii not too long ago. I guess they dont want to have issues with nintendo etc etc.

They could Atleast give us CODE VERONICA. that's one of my favorite RE game with the 4th

You Already Know3764d ago

because it's an online only game and would be better served as re-released rather than fading off into the abyss....

I played RE4 too recently....that doesn't need to be re-released while Outbreak would be an amazing sleeper title..

DasBunker3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

outbreak sleeper title? lol that game already had its chance last gen and by now it should be awake and walking.. but its barely crawling..

i agree with Masa.. code veronica is a far better option if they wanna revive a RE from last gen.. if not RE4

You Already Know3764d ago

the strength in outbreak was the online play which the PS2 failed the game was a generation too early...

it's better served being released this generation...

CommonCent3764d ago

It was such a great game. The downfall was the fact that when it was released the PS2 didn't include the ethernet jack, had to buy the ad-in pack which came with Twisted Metal Black Online so that kind of made up for it :)

You Already Know3764d ago

yeah, I believe that games focusing on Online didn't belong in last gen.....unless it was on PC..

...even on XBL...

this is the generation for that...

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Roper3163764d ago

it isn't actually an online only game, you could play by yourself offline but it wasn't as good as playing MP. I still have this game in my collection.

As far as releasing it on the PSN, well until they fix the B/C issue it just isn't happening along with the 2000+ other PS2 games they can't release because most can't play them so they won't buy them.

You Already Know3764d ago

the PS3 would play it as DLC.....not by physical media...aka DVD...

the PS3 can play a game from PS2 as DLC....not as a DVD...

so I think you might have the BC issue a little confused..

Roper3163763d ago

I think you are confused my friend. If it were possible to play PS2 games on the PS3 they would already be in the store. RE Outbreak is a PS2 game and can only be played on certain PS3's weather it is on the disc or on the store as a DL title. They are not talking about DLC here in this article they are talking about re releasing the PS2 game on the PS3 as a Downloadable title.

wwm0nkey3764d ago

I would love to see this come to XBLA or PSN

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