Diablo 3 & Starcraft II Playable at GamesCon writes:- Well, they MIGHT be..

News is hazy on this one but a statement made on the Warcraft forums has lead us to believe (and others) that both of Blizzard's upcoming titles (Starcraft II & Diablo 3) will be playable on the show floor at the even in Cologne.

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paul03883766d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on Diablo 3. I'm sure Starcraft will be sick too, but I never played the first one growing up so it won't have the same nostalgia value to me as Diablo does.

Daver3766d ago

Both were amazing!

im looking forward to diablo more than starcraft 2 tho with their split game and it looks almost like the 1st one so..

moosehound3766d ago

I am super excited for Diablo 3 - looks great :)

Taco_Waffle3766d ago

Man I hope both are playable at PAX as well.