GameStop, Don't Guarantee My Copy Day One

SCRAWL: "I have an interesting story to share today. On Friday, August 14th, me and SCRAWL writer Matt went down to our local GameStop to pick up our copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which we pre-ordered Tuesday, August 11th. The game released on August 13th, however, GameStop normally gets games in a day after their release date."

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guitarded773765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Well if it was a regular game I could understand the anger, but I'm guessing it was the limited PS3 retail version of Marvel vs. Capcom which only 15,000 copies were produced and which I thought were on a first come, first served basis. I mean I hate Game Stop as much as any self respecting gamer, but this looks like a very particular case and I don't know that the same happens with major retail game titles. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33765d ago

This guy considers himself a writer, there are like 4 grammatical errors in his summary and title alone! Talk about an english teachers worst nightmare.

Midgard2283765d ago

lol omg i know i read the title and was like, what? haha im not the best at english but dang i think my lil bro writes better than that.

UltimateIdiot9113765d ago

I live in NYC. I picked up my copy on that Thursday at noon from Gamestop with no problems at all. In fact, I was surprised that the manager knew what I was talking about at all. I didn't even preordered, just walk in and out with my copy before heading over to my gf.

ps3d03765d ago

Anyplace that takes preorders on games is open to a massive law suit. Looks like maybe gamestop more then anyplace else. Yes you can sue them if sale out of preorders before you get yours. Hell this is really bad with new systems. Not only that you can sue them for not getting a game on the date they promise it to you by. Hell they take pre orders on game they have no clue when they will be out or if they will be out (I seen gamestop take preorders for games that haven been announced). They make up some release date put it in their computers and tell you the game will be release that day and you can come pick it you on that day if you pre order with them. When it might not come out for months later or even years later if at all. Anyone remember them taking pre order on left 4 dead for the ps3 ?

shovelbum3765d ago

Serves you right for shopping at Gamestop.

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ElementX3765d ago

I always get my pre-order on the day it's available, without fail.

Chris3993765d ago

The rest however, especially niche titles, can take up to two weeks to arrive. Shipping/ border issues (BlazBlue was a bit of a fiasco) I guess.

I waited 2 weeks for the PSP version of Mana Khemia and a week for X-Edge. It's not like I'm starved for software to play though, I have dozens of back-logged games (I probably won't finish them all until the start of the "next" generation, when the releases are fairly sparse).

ElementX3765d ago

DAMN! That sux :-( I hate to hear of fellow gamers in distress

Phoenix208813765d ago

I'm sure most of the story is true, but walking an hour and a half? That's surely pure BS.

Roper3163765d ago

I had to walk up hill both ways in the snow with no shoes.

JD_Shadow3765d ago

He did mention in the comments on the site that he lives in NYC. I've visited there before, and from what I've gathered, it's true that it's faster to walk to where you want to go than it is to drive there because of the constant traffic, especially in Manhatten, and even moreso in Times Square (a Gamestop is right within the heart of the Square, I do believe, though).

omegaortega3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

The way Game Crazy and GameStop works, a certain amt of copies of game X is sent to the store based on X amt of preorders for the game. This is one of the reasons why pre-orders are important to retail stores.

It is a possible that the shipment could have been sent out and they pre-ordered too late (just 2 days ahead of time) for those preorders to process before additional copies were sent WITH that shipment to that particular store location.

Codeman4203765d ago

agreed. i used to work at gamestop, if you go in to pre order a game thats not going to be very popular or that well know you need to pre order ASAP because the stores wont get very many copies of the game, especially for the PS3, and if you order it 2 days b4 the release they could already have to game in there back room because if the game is street dated they get the games in a lot earlier than the release date.

CyrusNightshade3765d ago

They pre-ordered the game 2 days before it came out, The shipment was already on the way by then....its not gamestops fault really. I was lucky, I pre-ordered it the day before it came out and they only got 1 copy in

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