Nintendo Teams With Coca-Cola

Nintendo UK has teamed up with Coca-Cola (GB) to run a joint £2 million promotional campaign on Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Doctor Pepper soft-drink cans and bottles.

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Neutral Gamer4278d ago

I do it find it funny that with all the exercise orientated gaming inherent on the Wii and how it's always potrayed as a "healthy" game system thanks to the physical exercise required by many games, that Nitendo have gone and teamed up with a soft drinks manufacturer!

Surely, a product like Innocent Smoothies or some other healthy drink, would have made more sense and further implanted the idea that gaming doesn't necessarily have to be unhealthy and participated in alone. It could helped change the public perception and more importantly the image the mainstream media normally use for gaming and us gamers.

Still, I do love my Fanta and Coke though, yum!

ItsDubC4278d ago

Ya, this does seem odd. But then again, I don't think your current average Joe is a healthnut either so Nintendo UK is probably able to target a wider audience with this campaign.

Neutral Gamer4277d ago

Yeah, I see what you're saying mate. But what I really meant to say was that with the fad over the last few years for all things healthy and natural and the world now going mad over global warming, Nintendo could have tapped into the lucrative new market for all things healthy.

A lot of these healthy fanatics are adults as well, which is just the kind of new audience they're aiming their consoles at. Whereas kids would buy Nintendo products just as easily without the Coke promotion, the vast majority of DS owners for example are kids and young teenagers.

ItsDubC4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

Good point, adults are definitely more likely to be health-conscious and if any kids are, it's probably because their parents are as well.

Though I understand that Coca Cola has a huge presence, I think Nintendo would've done well to choose a company such as Snapple. Snapple appeals to both the healthnut and the average consumer I think, and would also be a means to tap into the health market that you mentioned.

PS360WII4277d ago

Well people are using Shrek as an ad for exercising and healthy living and he's not the fittest guy in the block. Wii while all about fun and energy does not really need to only sponsor soy beans and tea really. If they want some coke have at it... just be sure to not leave any on the nose ^.-

Neutral Gamer4277d ago

Ha, that link says it all Inasid. I'm all for people eating and drinking what they want, moderation's the real key after all. But when you've got that kind of promotion it's just gonna lead the temptation to take in excess, unhealthy amounts of Coca Cola drinks and products.

I can imagine kids being the ones who are likely to come off the worst through this, although if they play on the Wii enough, who knows, that exercise might burn off those extra calories and there might end up a being a zero net effect on their health.

So basically, don't drink Coke products and don't play on the Wii and you'll end up with the same end result, haha! :p

PS360WII4277d ago

when that one kid saved up those points for the airplane in the comercial however long ago? Heh funny stuff.

Yeah that's alot of points to save up for a Wii or DS. Rot your teeth out bleeh

sumfood4u4277d ago