REHorror: Batman Arkham Asylum - demo impressions

REHorror; JBoc writes: "First things first: I have played through this demo a good dozen times already since it came out a couple of weeks ago. I haven't done that with a demo since...the glory days of ps1 demos. I'm a huge batman fan and I really enjoy all the comic books that pit the caped crusader in the home for his extensive rogues gallery- Arkham Asylum. First graphic novel that comes to mind is Batman Arkham Asylum- A serious house on serious earth, now some assume that the game is based entirely on this story. But it's not, the game is instead somewhat loosely based on it, thematically speaking. Batman is stuck in Arkham for the night, like the graphic novel of the same name this is a character study of how Batman would respond in such a scenario that sees him trapped just like the villains he's fed the Asylum with. So now with a basic understanding of the narrative, how does the game play?"

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