Is Handheld Gaming Really That Great

DualShockers writes,

"The majority of us who grew up with gaming as our hobby of choice can easily remember the excitement we felt when we first heard and saw Nintendo's over-sized handheld, the Game Boy. Back in those days, the thing looked extremely high-tech and surpassed the expectations of many of its first buyers. Let's forget that it looked like a brick with a screen the size of a saltine cracker at the time - it was acceptable then. It was 1990, tech-toys were bulky as is, and people wore purple pants, orange shirts, and neon green cigarette-branded hats. The Game Boy was your "carry me around" toy that all your friends wanted to kill you for. The black pixels would impregnate the green-tinted screen with the sights of memorable titles like Tetris as we held the 15 pound gaming device while smiling to ourselves. I had man hands at the age of ten because of its exaggerated size.

About a year later, Sega decided to enter the realm of handheld gaming and released the Sega Game Gear – a monstrous device, larger than the Game Boy, which consumed more batteries than powered wheelchairs. But the Game Gear had one advantage over the Game Boy – it had color. But the competing mass was no competition for the Game Boy. As years passed, the Game Boy went through a couple of iterations and held it's throne as the king of handhelds. Color would soon embody the cumbrous gaming device – called Game Boy Color - as well as the welcoming of a game which featured a bunch of underage kids fiddling with tons of little balls and an unhealthy outlook at the possibilities of putting random creatures to beat the crap out of another for the sheer cause of competition and personal enjoyment – Pokémon – a game that sold extremely well on the Game Boy (and Michael Vick was a bad role model). Sony would later enter the market by releasing their modernized handheld game console - the PlayStation Portable (PSP) – while, at the same time, introducing their new optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD), which became as useful as screen-doors on a submarine."

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taz80803763d ago

handheld gaming is relegated for use when a gamer cant get to a console, like flying or commuting on the train. If someone is home than they will typically play on their console of choice.

Handheld gaming did allow for an economical way to introduce younger gamers to games, just think of all the DS systems that touch young kids.

taz80803763d ago

Neo geo Pocket along with TurboGraphix handheld were giant flops.

iiprotocolii3762d ago

I have both the DSi and the PSP and I can say that I only own a handful of games for each. Not really a lot that appeals to me; thank god that my psp can play things like snes games and what not.