Aion Goes Gold

NCsoft has announced that the highly anticipated MMO, Aion, has gone gold.

The game has been sent to manufacturers and is being made, ready for release next month. The game has already sold millions in Asia and is tipped to be a hot seller this year here in the west.

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Maticus3765d ago

I'm counting the days....

Medievaldragon3765d ago

Interesting. Now Champions Online and Aion have gone gold. Which would you buy?

Malfurion3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

No contest! Aion looks stunning.

hay3765d ago

Looks isn't everything. Fortunatelly Aion plays really nice.

Malfurion3765d ago

Indeed, looks certainly 'aren't' everything, but I meant 'looks/sounds/seems from all the previews I've read' :)

RockmanII73765d ago

As of now, I'm waiting for The Old Republic to come out

Maticus3765d ago

From the last few bits of media I've seen from TOR, I think I'll be disappointed about that :(

Myze3765d ago

@2.4 I'm very optimistic that TOR will be a great game, and probably what I'm looking forward to the most as well (in terms of MMOs), but we will be lucky to see it come out before 2011, so I know I'm definitely gonna give Aion a try as I don't see much else on the horizon, and it's a really good game.

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Leord3765d ago

I remember a time when I thought "gold" was the same as CDs going gold: selling numbers :)

Dorjan3765d ago

Aion.. the most over-rated game since WoW...

Malfurion3765d ago

Is there an open beta for this? Never managed to get on the closed beta :(

Montrealien3765d ago

I suggest you grab it off of steam, at the very least if you dont like it, that 50$ will be well worth the hours it will take for you to come to that conclusion.

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The story is too old to be commented.