10 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Shadow Complex

Go Gaming Giant has played Shadow Complex and we're here to give you a head start on the game. In this article, Go Gaming Giant tells you 10 essential things you must know before playing the game.

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Go Gaming Giant3763d ago

you guys should really take a look at this before you play

SpaceInsomniac3763d ago

I really hope this helps more people enjoy the game. It is a fantastic game, too. You all should be looking forward to playing it.

Darren_y23763d ago

I'm still shocked that the big EPIC announcement was an XBLA game not Gears 3.

G3Ben3763d ago

That's because everyone knows Gears 3 is coming eventually

muddy94943763d ago

Yeah, That is true. Everyone knows gears 3 is coming. lol

thegreatest78843763d ago

Interesting, lucky I read it before playing.