Shadow Complex Review

Go Gaming Giant takes an in-depth look at the highly anticipated XBLA game, Shadow Complex in this review.

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G3Ben3771d ago

This game looks incredible. Thanks for the review!

Hideous Kojima3771d ago

Some tards are pulling their hair out after hearing how amazing game is better than probably 99& of the stuff on their system.

Anyway, EPIC are leaps and bound ahead of the competition. They are THE next-gen developers.

nomoregameblogs3771d ago

looks really good. can't wait to play it!

Darren_y23771d ago

Still not sure about the game, might have to check out a demo some time.

G3Ben3771d ago

I definitely agree that Epic is the next-gen studio. I can't wait to see how their new projects turn out

thegreatest78843771d ago

This game looks simply amazing. Cant wait til I get it!