Need for Speed Shift: first review

The world's first review of Need for Speed: Shift has been published in the German games magazine "Games aktuell". The magazine has given the game a "games-hit"-award which translates to a score of 85+. The exact score cannot be determined at the moment, but the article shows the first two pages of the review. Translation inside.

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xjoshbx3762d ago

I am really hoping this game will be great... We already know forza 3 and GT 5 will be. With this in the mix i'll have a racing cure for a year +

Montrealien3762d ago

so true, if you are a console racing fan that is not limited to one console, you will have plenty of options to keep you busy for a good whike.

rareairtone3762d ago

Aren't the people who made this game developers of a sim?

I used to play need for speed a lot when I was younger. It seems they've really stepped the quality up this time

steve30x3762d ago

Need for speed went downhill rapidly after underground 2. I enjoyed playing NFS up until that game. I am hoping they do a good job of shift because its looking realy good so far.

xjoshbx3762d ago

Correct. They developed GTR 2 and GT Legends for PC.

rareairtone3762d ago

aint that the truth!

I didn't buy underground 2 but I have to admit i had loads of fun with most wanted. After that, carbon and prostreet sucked

FunkYellowMonkey3762d ago

Yeah let's see how it fares, oldskool NFS with cops (Most wanted) was great! Now EA needs to do a remake of Road Rash, now that'll be worth waiting for eh?!!! :)

~funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)~

heylo3762d ago

fück it I wan't ILLEGAL street races
that's what NFS used to be good at

N4G king3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

this sh*ts all over forza

and some pics a saw in here was on other forums saying that those are forza pics