New Too Human Screens

4 new screenshots of Too Human for Xbox 360.

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dominusbellum4189d ago

This game looks so awesome anyone who likes online rpg's should buy this(4player online co-op)and all your stats from the first too human will be remembered and carried over to part 2 and 3 awesome!!!!

silent ninja4189d ago

these aren't new. they've been taken from the new too human vids

ThaGeNeCySt4188d ago

bah, i was hoping for screens from scenes i haven't seen before

techie4188d ago

ok the graphics are great...but in that first pic...the guy looks retarded.

power of Green 4188d ago

Low quality pics, cant wait for this to release. Yep the first one is sh8T. Game looks great they need to show some more video in HD if they can.

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