Fat Princess Hypocritical Complaints

The article examines the primary complaints that were sprouted against the PSN game Fat Princess and finds them to be hypocritical.


"The site Feminist Gamer said Fat Princess may "reinforce nasty stereotypes about women and the obese," and found over-feeding the princess "fat-bashing."

Melissa "Shakes" McEwan thought it would create a "new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes." Comments have been censored and/or disabled.

In daily life you control how much you eat and don't eat. When kidnapped you're forced to do stuff against your will. As such it's logical that, as a hostage, the princess is forcefully overfed by the enemy.

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Masamori Sumimura3763d ago

Might as well stop making shooters because they may reinforce nasty stereotypes about Aliens invaders and Nazis.

Vicophine3763d ago

Lol, feminists, your movement is dead.

Typical-Guy3763d ago

They just want to attract some attention.

Max Power3763d ago

"Why wouldn't you want a womens' point of view?......Because its through the kitchen window." He had many more, and was never serious about it, he also made other jokes not just women jokes, and the girls in my class laughed as well.

Kinetix3763d ago

A. You can choose to be a female character in the game.
B. Every generation hates fat people.
C. Go make me a sammich.

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