Sony PS3 price cut talk puts HMV in focus

HMV and Game Group have come under the analysts' spotlight thanks to reports Sony may be about to announce a price cut in the cost of its PS3 console.

Matthew McEachran at Singer Capital Markets cites speculation that an announcement could be made at the Gamescom industry event in Cologne tomorrow.

He comments in a research note:

"A price cut is widely expected and should not come as a shock as Sony looks to position itself ahead of the important final fourth quarter trading period. At an average price of c. £299 a price cut could tempt more cash strapped consumers into buying the console."

"A price cut is likely to stimulate demand for the console and the respective games which should be seen as good news for retailers such as GAME and HMV."

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Dellis3768d ago

299.99 PS3 and no SLIM is what will happen

sony are not good enough to hide secrets, so PS3 slim is not real

price drop and new SKUs is real.

Nineball21123768d ago

Yeah, I think you're right. My prediction (for what it's worth) is that there WILL be a price cut announcement but not for a Slim model.

Too soon in the console's lifespan...

AND because of that watch all the spinning from websites about how Sony has failed! LOL

deadreckoning6663768d ago

So its gunna be 250 bucks for a PSP go and for ONLY 50 bucks more for a ps3 slim. Sure that makes ALOTTA sense.

lloyd_wonder3768d ago

Sony never calls their consoles "SLIM" anyways. There will be a smaller, refined PS3 though.