Xbox 360 Failure Rate is 54.2 Percent, Game Informer Finds writes:

"The Xbox 360 breaks five times as often as often as its closest failure-prone competitor, the PlayStation 3, a print edition-only Game Informer survey found.

The poorly manufactured, red ring of death-prone console has a 54.2 percent failure rate, compared to 10.6 percent for the PS3 and the Wii's 6.8 percent.

The magazine surveyed nearly 5,000 readers to get the data. And while the 360's rate is alarmingly higher than the others, it's still bafflingly low because it blows the mind to imagine that 45.8 percent of the consoles have not broken. Also, Microsoft's numbers are inflated because 360s are used the most of the three consoles. Results said 40.3 percent of 360 owners use the console three to five hours a day, compared to 37 percent of PS3 owners. Meanwhile, the plurality of Wii owners (41.4 percent) play their consoles less than an hour a day.

Microsoft also seized the gold medal for unhelpful customer service, taking nearly a month to repair or replace a console, while Nintendo and Sony stuck closer to a week. Only 37.7 percent of Microsoft customers found the company's customer service was "very helpful," compared to 51.1 percent fo Sony and 56.1 percent for Nintendo.

The most shocking number from the survey - and frightening from a consumer perspective - is only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure."

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Genesis53765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Damage control on the way.


@ Nitro below. Yeah I'm having a hard time with those numbers too. Who ran the survey for GI? Nintendo.

@ Ultimolu. It's one of the reasons I have gone with PC and PS3 gaming this gen.

ultimolu3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

...I reckon so.

*prepares for doctor's appointment and runs off*

This is WHY I don't own a 360!

Parapraxis3765d ago

Genesis5 , this isn't the first survey or study that has had numbers like this.

Horny3765d ago

my friends RROD'd 3 times, hes now buying a new arcade. I never had a problem with mine so far, but I do occasionally hear weird noises.

Nitrowolf23765d ago

my buddy rrod 3 times as well. I laugh at him and tell him why do you continue to send it in. He doesn't give me a very good answer after that.

Silellak3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

The reason people keep replacing their 360 rather than giving up in disgust and just buying a PS3 is simple. The thing is, by the time you own a 360 long it enough for it to break down, you probably have at least a few games. You get it repaired, you get a few more games, and maybe it breaks down a second time.

At this point, you're pissed. You're ready to switch consoles. already own a decent library of 360 titles. Do you really want to make all of those games worthless by replacing a 360 with a PS3? You might get a PS3 in ADDITION to a 360, sure, but switching companies is a much less tempting option when you've already built up collection of games for a particular platform.

Not to mention you've already built up a collection of online friends to play with, who may or may not have PS3s.

Horny3765d ago

He had a model with no HDMI input which were the earlier ones. I waited until later to get a 360, I was just going to play exclusives but then my PS3 broke, now I do all my gaming on the 360. I think ill get my ps3 fixed this month, its been since January since I played it.
Both systems have their faults.

StanLee3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Man, do I feel lucky. Almost 2 years and not one problem with my XBox 360. *knocks on wood*. Yet my friend had his for 4 months and has had it repaired or replaced twice.

sunil3765d ago

I am confused...

Isint the acceptable failure rate in electronics (close to) 3%?

With PS3 and 10.6% and Wii at 6.8%, arent both the systems over the limit?

Interesting how Sony and Nintendo dont get blamed for bad quality hardware !

PS: How can anyone purchase the 360 knowing there is a 50%+ change of it failing?

Cupid_Viper_33765d ago

Plus money for LIVE, You guys should at least put a petition that says that once your console break more than once, LIVE is automatically Free for a year.


callahan093765d ago

Well, I have no qualms believing these numbers. Every single one of my personal friends has had their 360 replaced at least once. But I know it isn't every single Xbox 360 that breaks. My first one broke 2 times and got replaced 2 times. Neither one of my breaks were RROD, though, both times it was a red & black checkerboard pattern on the TV and I couldn't do anything. In September 2007, it did it a third time, and MS refused to fix it without charging me because they said they were only covering RROD errors with the extended warranty at that point. So rather than pay money just to fix a system that I figured would break again, I bought a new one. The new one has not broken. Maybe I should say "yet". But nearly two years is pretty good considering I had 3 breaks within the first year of my original (I got my original in September 2006).

3765d ago
Chubear3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

lol but to be honest, this article is not accurate at all seeing as they surveyed their readers and not actual hard line prove like consumer data companies do.

Watch dog groups across EU & NA now have the 360 failure rate at btw 18-30% depending on what is termed as a hardware failure for certain regions.

Generally, the accepted failure rate for electronic WW is roughly 5% which Nintendo and Sony are both well below.

InfectedDK3765d ago

"I love extremely high failure rates and the PS3 is doomed... Gran Turismo 5 sucks and Sony is leaving the console market"

JokesOnYou3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Its 54% of their readers who have had a RROD before, right?

How does that make the current failure rate 54%? I like to see reports with data that shows the LTD failure rate vs failure rate after the falcon and jasper models, to see what percentage decrease there was. Lets be honest there are alot of fanboys on both sides subscribe to mags, I don't know too many avg gamers who buy mags these days. Also wouldn't it be obvious that most subscribers of a gaming mag like GameInformer are avid gamers who brought a launch 360, which of course were the most failure prone?

This survey puts ps3 failure rate at a little over 10% which is higher than I've ever seen reported, but again its from 5000 readers of GameInformer mag so who knows how accurate it is, both sound inflated.

On a positive note, I don't think its too "shocking" that only very few people would never buy a 360 again because of hardware failure, they brought ps2's after its problems, and despite what n4g tells you a 3 yr warranty goes a long way, "proof is in the pudding"= when you don't have to pay and there's great games to be played and great services to be had from a "consumer perspective" its still well worth the money= continues to sell and even those who've had a failure still would buy another one.


Poopface the 2nd3765d ago

I did have one 360 break after I sold it to my friend, but my newer one seems better. 50% seems high, as does the 10% and 7%. If it was a survey on a gaming site(think of N4G survey), I doubt people would be honest.

I know 360 breaks alot more than the other systems, but all these numbers seem high.

Heres something funny I saw on tv about videogames yesterday

v1c1ous3765d ago

to justify NOT owning one.

microsoft F'ed up big time. the RROD will haunt them forever. they lucked out in being so rabid in obtaining enough content for their console that fans "semi-forgive" them.

it's sad in another way because, i honestly think the RROD issue is what's keeping the 360 from its full potential.

imagine if the RROD issue wasn't as rampant as it was. if it wasn't such a staple of sony fanboys ammo against 360 ("lol hurr durr that's why i dont buy one, even though its free to replace unlike PS3s"). maybe wii would have actually had a contender :/

mint royale3765d ago

please, no one use these numbers for silly little arguments. i think all 3 are inflated numbers and a 'survey' by a website does not tell me much. Are they reputable? Who did they ask? Did they get an accurate spread of gamers and non gamers who own the consoles to get more accurate results etc etc. Judging from how high these numbers are I would say no.

Parapraxis3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

mint royale ....the survey isn't from a website.
"The magazine surveyed nearly 5,000 readers to get the data."
are you just illiterate?

EDIT: Sure, GameInformer has a sh!t sherlock, however THIS particular survey was done through the magazine, which would require people to send in their surveys they filled out.

And anybody who understands customer service or product satisfaction surveys already knows that the people more likely to fill out a survey and mail it back in are people who have HAD problems.

People who are content with their service/products are much less likely to fill out and mail back the form.

This is a KNOWN fact, and an EASY explanation of why the numbers seem inflated, as you say. People who fill out the survey are motivated by their frustration.


pixelsword3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

If I remember correctly, the guy who wrote the book about the 360's failing in the first place placed the failure rate close to 70%

and when EA ran a beta test for their servers had a failure rate of 30-50% after Microsoft claimed a 5-6% failure rate

so it *could* be true.

But it also could be true that people are buffering up the numbers... except that the people taking the poll could also be inflating numbers on the PS3 side too... and you have to take into account that the PS3's recorded failure rate have historically been lower than this poll's number, but you never know.

mint royale3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Gameinformer isn't a website? Oh you learn something new everyday!

II Necroplasm II3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Good thing I only play my 360 like an hour a day these days.

I bought a new Falcon 360 like in January I believe and sold my older one, but still I'm also trying to keep it healthy, not playing it too much and using it for a coaster instead.

UnwanteDreamz3765d ago

I see alot of "gamers" here talking about 360 just being so dam*ed good that failure does not matter. You say there is no excuse for not owning one?

How about the fact that everyone I know personally who bought a 360 has had it replaced. I am sure there are more than a few with their first 360 still running but I don't like the odds.

Then we got those saying that it's free to replace so why not get one. I bought a gaming system to play video games on. Why would I spend my hard earned money on something I am just going to have to send back?

All I can say to you "gamers" is, thanks alot. Maybe the rest of the industry will take note to the fact that you are ingnorant consumers who will accept being bent over the couch without so much as a thank you afterwards. Maybe now we can all expect similar shotty hardware in the future. Hell MS did it and they are "beating" the PS3.

The fact that the failure rate is so high and they still sell is not a testament to how great the 360 is. Ever here this one?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Christopher3765d ago

If you're reviewing your typical readers, who are also typical fanboys mixed in with normal gamers, then these numbers are definitely bloated for the 360 and PS3. This is the first I've heard of such a high failure rate for the PS3, honestly. And, I'm sure the failure rate for the 360 is down to at least 25% with the Jasper chipset.

Nineball21123765d ago

Look, I have no doubt that the Xbox 360 has a significantly higher failure rate than either the PS3 or the Wii.

However, I think I'll take these results with a grain of salt for ALL three consoles.

Unless there is a survey done by a reputable firm who is in the business of polling / surverys, then I'll tend to be a bit skeptical about the numbers.

Does anyone really doubt that people would lie about their experiences because of all of this "console war" stuff? And that goes for ALL sides...

Blaster_Master3765d ago

Thats so weird. I have all 3 consoles and my 360 is the only console I never had to send in for repairs. I have friends that get the RROD every year though. Maybe its because I install all my games now and rarely use my disc drive at all to get my 360 hot?

Syronicus3765d ago

Too many RROD's for me. I recently put together a PC that will handle the games "exclusive" to the 360. I was just getting tired of the shoddy quality of the 360's.

joemayo763765d ago

for all systems, but i'm sure some ppl will get a kick out of these results.

Altho my 360 broke down 4 times (once its rrod out of the box MSFT sent back to me) but as for bad CS i dunno, i think its also partly on the consumer when dealing with these situations on the phone. the 4th time mine rrod (which was when it did out of the box). i called up CS and asked to speak to a manager (not in a pissed off kinda way) he was a good guy, i think his name was shawn or something, anyways i told him my situation and he gave me his direct office number so if it ever happened again to call that number and he'd be more then happy to help me out and toss in a freebie (dunno what tho?) since then i haven't had any probs with my 360 and play the hell out of it but still have that number in my wallet just incase.

But yea just keep in mind that calling in pissed off or anything won't really get you anywhere. How many of us worked in CS and had to deal with angry ppl that try to hold us personally responsible for a defect or w/e that as CSRs had nothing to do with.

TheBlackSmoke3765d ago

To be honest that number really is not surprising, for me anyway it is literally like 1 in 2 people i know has had a RROD. Its at the point now where you almost have to accept you will get the RROD sooner or later.

Parapraxis3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

How many here have filled out a comments form for a retail store or restaurant, etc because they were happy with their service or treatment or products?

Now, if you had bad service, poor treatment or poor quality products do you think you'd be more likely to fill out a form?

customer service surveys always lean on the more negative side.

King_many_layers3765d ago

5,000 people is hardly going to be that accurate... it's like saying 1 in 3 people get cancer.... so out of myself and 2 people in the room with me, One will get cancer. Yet, none of them get it throughout their life. you see where I'm going ??

You can't get a Small percentage of an overall large number and expect to get results that truly reflect the situation.

Also, can I just ask Live payers who have had their's brake down.. If it is true like some have said that you have waited up to a month for it to be repaired... do they give you the price of a months membership off the years subscription ??

UnwanteDreamz3765d ago

For the record I agree that these numbers seem inflated.

Aclay3765d ago

I'm going to have to call B.S. on this article because the PS3's failure rate defiantly isn't that high. This was a survey conducted to 5,000 people, and 5,000 people doesn't really represent the MILLIONS of people that own PS3's, 360's and Wii's and their REAL failure rates.

The 360's failure rate is probably a little below 20% by now, and from what I've read on the internet, both the PS3 and Wii failure rate shouldn't be more than a few percent.

gaffyh3765d ago

@1.11 - You are incredibly stupid. Your argument can be used for PS3 as well:

- Best Games (Uncharted, Ratchet, Killzone, Resistance, MGS4, God Of War, MAG, Socom, Warhawk, the list goes on...)
- Best controller (For everything other than shooters. DS3 is better for fighting games, racing, platformers etc.)
- Best online (Free, high up time, LAG-FREE, dedicated servers, constant supply of PSN exclusives etc.)
- Best user base (Are you kidding me? Best user base? 360 has the most racist 12 year old kids online at one time, oh wait you are 12 years old.)

Most games - irrelevant, crap games = crap. Wii has most games does it make it better?.

On top of these PS3 owners can also add, FREE services e.g. Home, Life With Playstation, Vidzone and I'm sure there's more coming.

Anyway can't be bothered arguing with a 12 year old any more...

On topic - I doubt the rate is this high, but I have had 2 failures on my 360.

Blaze9293765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

....Yes becuase 5,000 readers represents all the 20+ million 360s sold -_-

Motion3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Im on my 3rd 360...which I haven't turned on since january when i got a ps3 and built a new PC. Luckily the first one was covered by best buy and the second was covered by M$. I always wonder if they count replacement consoles in their total sales. I'm sure they would if they were getting replaced through retailers like Best Buy. I wonder what sales totals would look like if you subtracted the number of 360's best buy has replaced through their service plan from the total number of ones out in the wild.

sak5003765d ago

Hahahahah Look at the guys claiming their friend's xbox or friend's friend's neighbour's xbox got rrod. Since looking at agrees/disagrees clearly shows this site is rampant with ps3 lovers whether they own one or not yet they are out in full force to add more fictious numbers to the pathetic article.

I went to one retailer to and to check with him whether they would send the out of warranty 360 to ms or my bro should at that very moment a guy came with a ps3 for repairs. So did he get free repairs? NO.. I would rather buy a console with a 50% failure rate which has free coverage for it for 3 years than buying an expensive Bluray player which plays games and no warranty after 3 months.

lightningsax3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Man, so many "Best" cards are being thrown around in this argument! Let's get rid of dualisms and bring some substance into this.

People will keep buying 360's over PS3's despite the failure rate because those gamers are devoted to a much more developed social experience in their games. They're the new generation of gamers, many of them born with the internet as a given and with social networking almost being a substitute to direct communication. Plus, since the install base had a year to grow before everyone else came around, you were more likely to find your friends on Live.

The PS3 has some amazing exclusives, much more reliable hardware, and usually ends up being a cheaper package overall than the 360. That would have been enough last generation, but Sony has been reluctant to keep up with Microsoft on its online capabilities. Hence we have many uninspired games of Fat Princess played by teams of 8 unconnected individuals. The Sony bluetooth headset is amazing, but hardly anyone has it, and those who do hardly use it.

PS3/PC owners, such as myself, can play just about every game they would like, but they won't get the (costly) social experience that they'll get with Live. That's why those consumers keep coming back. I'm totally satisfied with the games I'm getting on PS3, but I want Sony to succeed solely because if the PS3 US install base grows, there will be more people that I know on an in-person basis that will be on PSN.

na2ru13765d ago

If the total sales figures WERE inflated, just makes you really wonder who actually is the one in 3rd place.

mephixto3765d ago

These numbers are right, remember this is a poll from Game Informer most of their subscribers are hardcore gamers who play a lot of hours.

prunchess3765d ago

you totaly hit the nail on the head there! This is without a doubt why the 360 still survives and sells. One thing is for sure though and that is that a large number of 360 owners will resent this with future generations of MS\xbox hardware.

The 360 failure rate is scandalous! It's embarrassing for 360 owners that have to replace their hardware multiple times. (They should be well compensated by MS for this and their loyalty to the 360) I've got friends that wont even mention that their 360 has broke down again out of embarrassment because if it was any other product they would have given up on it long ago not quitely gone off and purchased another.

Once you've built up your friends list and regularly play online with them it's hard to move over to another console. This will start to change for those that have dual consoles (360 and PS3). Eventually they'll migrate to the hardware that lasts the longest.

Sheikh Yerbouti3765d ago

both you and Parapraxis.

This sample is likely not representative of consumers as whole, but likely only those who have Gameinformer subscriptions - hardcore gamers, maybe predominantly XBox owner.

Still the magnitude of these percentages relative to one another is still very telling.

SaberEdge3765d ago

Surveys like this are inherently unreliable. Imagine if they did a survey of the N4G user base, does anybody believe that we would get accurate results from such a survey? I don't think so. I think the survey would show around 75% of the user base claiming that they have had 9 RRODs or some other ridiculously high number.

The sad fact is, we don't have any reliable source for the actual percentage of 360s, PS3s and Wiis that fail. We really don't. People make guesses, but that's all they are. Unfortunately, the console wars have muddled everything up. You can't take the word of a stranger on the internet. Are they being sincere or are they a fanboy trying to make the other console look bad? You can never know.

masterg3765d ago

For me it's 100%. 3 consoles all died of RRoD.

The first I had bough on Ebay with no invoice. It died after six months.
The second died right after I got it.
The last one a month ago a week after the warrenty expired.
No more for me.

masterg3765d ago


Most polls you read about on anything has 1000 people or less in them.
5000 is a big number for any poll. A poll with the right demographic with 100 people will usually hit within 5% of the correct number.

Kaneda3765d ago

It should be 100%.. everyone I know that own a 360 got RROD. Even one guy his wife won't let him plays games that much either. He still got RROD.

silenius3765d ago

but i guess im one of the lucky guys i guess...
i own an XBOX 360 3 years now... and it NEVER had o mulfunction... :D

duplissi3765d ago

wow, that seems a little far fetched if you ask me, but even so it has me worried, i just bought a resident evil elite 2 months ago - i think its a jasper (can someone confirm this for me?) i thought microsoft was finally getting the rrod under control......

beardpapa3765d ago

Frankly, I believe 5000 people is adequate enough to use as a sample size in their statistic. Not sure what statistical test they used though.

Poopface the 2nd3765d ago

alot of people buy one knowing about the failures. Mine hasnt broken yet as I sold my old one.

Do you people honestly think a company will want to release faulty hardware after seeing what happened with the 360. \

Im pretty sure Microsoft would rather not spend 1-2 billion fixing consoles. maybe they knew it was a problem but I doubt they knew how bad it would really be.

Im sure they would rather have reliable hardware as they have to pay for alot more than just 1-10 360 like you or I would have too.

Im not saying what they did is a good thing, Im just saying you would have to be retarded of you think microsoft doesnt care if their next console is a faulty as the 360.

el zorro3765d ago

Wow, so many 360 bashers in this article. Why am I not surprised.

So, if this survey is correct, more than 10% of all PS3s fail.

I personally think all of these numbers are off, but I will say that I would take a console with a 50% failure rate that has a solid 3 year warranty over a console with a 10% failure rate that has a crappy warranty.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3765d ago

And yet it still outsells the PS3 2 to 1, and lets not forget the 10% for the PS3 when most PS3 fansboys claimed it was below 1%.


"Xbox 360 Failure Rate is 54.2 Percent, Game Informer Finds "

and people still buy 360s, and they will continue to do so.

Anon19743765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I am somewhat skeptical of these numbers. Both Nintendo and Sony say failure rates are less than 1%, and retailer data backs this up (the majority of defective hardware is returned to the store first)

I know going back a bitthere was an EA employee that said half their 360's had failed but this was quickly hushed up and denied by both EA and Microsoft, but I find it hard to believe that even with the new motherboards, one in two is failing - even though I'm on my 4th console myself. I thought that problem was that Microsoft doesn't fix the problem but just sends you refurbed consoles as replacements and that's why it's been so high for me.

cmrbe3765d ago

this is the failure rate amongst the hardcore users. The actual average should still be similar to numbers reported earlier.

ultimolu3765d ago

Poopface, nobody's making anyone feel guilty about owning a 360. The fact of the matter is that instead of arguing with PS3 fans, you guys should be demanding that Microsoft gets to the root of this problem.

How long is it now, three to four years already and this is still an ongoing issue?!

indysurfn3765d ago

Let me get this straight, you have 40% ps3 19% wii fanboys voteing on xbox360 failure rates.
You created on purpose a wrong rate of failure. It's like asking a Lutheran to rate the Catholic religion, It's like asking a republican to rate a democrate, it's like asking Satan to rate Jesus. Of course your going to get negative and irrational hysteric results!

MNicholas3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

so the numbers can't be considered accurate. Still, it does suggest two things:

1) the 360 is quite possibly the most poorly designed and manufactured piece of consumer electronics devices ever sold anywhere
2) nearly 97% of 360 owners have shockingly low expectations for quality, performance and value

ThanatosDMC3765d ago

Fool me once... shame on you. Fool me five times in a row... [insert idiotic comment here].

shingo3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

not surprised honestly.

i know someone who's on his 8th 360!! you heard that guys?? 8th!!!!

cryymoar3765d ago

Here's a photographic representation of the real amount of units out there that are working.

3765d ago
FreestyleBarnacle3765d ago

Is it not simply possible that all the numbers are high because of the type of people who would fill in this type of survey? If I had had one of these machines fail on me I would be more inclined to tell people about it than if I had had a generally fine experience. Not being a fanboy just being human. People are capable of it you know.

Blackfrican3765d ago

6 xbox 360s no RROD yet!
According to these statistics, there was only a 2.5351% chance of this happening to me!

y0haN3765d ago

If you increase the time window to something like 5 years, the failure rate will be over 95% I guarantee it.

GameGambits3765d ago

I felt bad for my buddy who has had to have his repaired 3 times now. He games everyday for FFXI on it, because his laptop isn't made for gaming. He's on a bit of a budget too so if he were to get a desktop he'd want the best money could get since he's a smidge elitist in that sense. Without his crack addiction game he comes over to my place just to do some games with me lol.

Honestly though my 360 has been working fine since I got it almost 2 years ago. It does however make a ton of noise and heats the room up a solid 360 degrees. I've had to get a 2nd headset and a 2nd controller though since accessories to Microsoft must be another means to keep cashing in by making cheap ones. My current controller takes forever to charge when hooked in, and when it finally reaches green to go it only lasts for maybe an hour at best before it's flashing to be recharged.

I already learned my lesson this generation about Microsoft and how they run their gaming business. When the next Xbox does hit I'm going to wait 2-3 years before picking it up I'm afraid. Once they iron out enough kinks from it is when I'll be on board to invest. For those who think they will learn from this generation you are naive, since they haven't learned anything this generation as new SKU's come out other than how to keep grabbing your cash.

Sony since PS1 makes stuff that I have had no problems with ever. They go for quality and give you every pennies worth. Nintendo I'd say does too, but I did have a N64 controller stick just break somehow one day. Plus we all remember NES days of blowing into cartridges to make them work lol.

Next gens order of consoles for me will be Sony,Nintendo, Xbox. This gen was Nintendo, Xbox, Sony...bad choice, but I have all 3 now so it's all good. :)

ps3d03765d ago

This is EXTREMELY flawed. One they cant even be sure anyone actually owned said the system they said they did. 2 they did not look at systems to make sure these people are being trueful. Plus they ask 5000 readers aka gamers and fanboys. I can promise you that 360 dont still have 50% fail rate. Plus when did the PS3 jump up to a 10% fail rate ? Sony bragged about have less then 1% fail rate what happen to that ?

If they want to check the fail rate they should of went out to the store and buy 5000 of each system and tested them.

kyiren3764d ago

need to minus the dead 360's and then get a real # for total world wide. they may have sold over 30 mill but how many are dead units.

by the #'s half are dead so only around 15 mill working, I would say the ps3 is got more working units world wide.

AAACE53764d ago

I can't argue, the 360 has/had a problem with hardware failure. On the same note, their survey is based off of just 5,000 people, compared to millions of 360 owners.

Not trying to defend it in any way, but in one of my college classes I was told to not rely on the results of surveys too much. You could read an article tomorrow that says that eating peanuts kills 63% of the people who eat them. Then in the fine print, it will say that the survey was based on a study of 259 people. More importantly, a majority of those people didn't know they were allergic to peanuts and had a reaction to them.

Like I said, I am not trying to cover for them in any way because I have had a few go out on me as well, but statistics only tell part of the story!

Alvadr3764d ago

360 & PS3 both seem alot higher than I thought. Dont think that 1 in 10 ps3s fail other wise Sony would be getting hammered just like MS. Last I heard it was more like this.

360 35%
PS3 3%

tripewire3764d ago

Beh. These numbers are usless. Of the people I know 360 failure rate is around 85-90% (I know about 2 people who have never had problems) and PS3-wii I'll say <1% because of all the people who own wii's and/or ps3's NONE of them have broken. Sure, None of them actually play their wii's but hey...

TheTwelve3764d ago

...they actually managed to get people to want and desire crap. Repeatedly. Now that's good marketing.